The fall of radar


So its finally gone but wanted to see what people favorite moments on there were?

Theres so many sets on their mixcloud which will just get forgotten so would be cool to have a searchable thread of golden oldies

Will start off with this mix from Grandmixxer from last year


shameless plug


is this the one that got u kicked off lmao


Lol naa that was :


my favorite shows on the station

Tobago Tracks



Pineal Sounds

The Evil Streets



has anyone spoken to ollie or any of the old station managers since it shut down lmao


yeah can someone donate me a pair of CDJ2000’s, there were like 30 pairs in there


ollie’s on a yacht drinking sangria


could at least invite some of the djs






Ausschuss show was very good. I like last episode he did with Miles from Modern Love, Hiph11e and afrodeutsch. I hope will have more show.

Some other show I liked, with Yungve as a guest of Ausschuss and Organ Tapes. I remember show was a mix of free jazz, ambient and electronic music.


yeah agreed, he really came through with guests that always brought out of the box, and of course I am a HUGE fan of Organ Tapes


Maybe not a classic but a great one for sure:


One of the best sets from 2016. First track is a percy, and I’m so hyped waiting for the Silk Road Assassins LP to release this year.


Shameless plug.

Starts at 42:05.



Cheers for all these, more welcome. Are any being archived anywhere in an organised way? I wonder if the DJs would like this to happen.

One of the problems with such sugar daddy projects is that, when they end, there is often no legacy plan – what’s going to happen to the studio, for instance? I’m imagining they’re just going to quietly get the receivers in and sell the shit off.


I miss radar a lot the filter dread show was awesome and pattens show of course. People should check out itsa a local station near where i live and there is some decent stuff on there


ne knw y radar hasn’t md a stment ?