the end of the 10s: what the fuck was the decade of the one-zero?


we are 95% done with it so we might as well start compiling our thoughts now and not november when we trip over ourselves with each others end of year things anyway

shit started with occupy wall street and will (hopefully) end with the beginnings of a bernie sanders presidency. and theres obv been a lot of shit in between.

the 2010s rlly seem to be the decade where everything we thought knew broke and shattered, for better or worse. the stupid thoughtless acceptance in the us for the same neoliberal bs started to break with the obama administration doing everything in its power to not follow up on the social democratic promices it made in the campaign, and built after years of protests of everything from drone strikes to trans rights to internet surrvalence, until we got donald “the big new yorker from pizza hut” trump as our new openly white nationalist preisdent and proving that nothing rlly changed for the good in the end. the stupid tumblr idpol liberalism of the first half was shattered by #gamergate and neofascist bullshit, but the good thing about it is, the dirtbag left came out of that void to have real resistance. our political system cant be reformed peacemeal anymore. must me very radically reshifted to a more democratic manner via the force of the masses

and i think a lot of the music of this decade reflects this same timeline

the earliest new genre we had this decade was vaporwave, which really started as anti-nostalgic and detourned in how it was an appropriation n interrogation of capitalist cultural waste, trying to show how inherently numbing and boring neoliberalism can be even in “success”. ofc this, along with synthwave, turned into actual corporate nostalgia, a surface-level new-old aesthetic to be used by MTV and Activision etc. to reference their own IP history for shallow marketing. the truely futuristic revolutionary sample-based genre to come out of the same time was footwork, which expanded the limits of ghettohouse so far that it sounded nothing like what we can call house anymore, much more in line with the rabid chaotics of early jungle then anything in america then (which is why a lot of former dubstep nerds in the uk jumped on board).

the dance music intelligentsia was mostly just kinda stuck in limbo in the neoproghouse scene revolving around dixon and tale of us and all of those dudes. was a p cool sound at the time but it was very white and very cis and het and very male, and it got stale fast with the amount of publicity we got of the same 5 people all the time. probs the most damning example of that monotony was how fucking honestly, as those edgy right-wingers say, triggered dance music traditionalists were at the beginnings of PC Music and the whole bubblegum bass genre. lets be honest, we can admit now it was basicly semi-ironic eurodance for 20-something music theory nerds, it was just as white as the innervisions crowds, and even more kinda devoid of historial connection with dance music culture, but just by virtue of existing as very feminine and very queer and very overtly fun art, it pissed so many people off. holy shit

the real shift happened in the latter half of the decade when a bunch of queer emos from nyc ruined everything for the better. we didnt even settle on the term deconstructed club until like last year or smth but we sure did know they came in with their knowlege of dance music history and the inherent politics of it and decided the best way to save it was to destroy everything it was at the time and rebuild in their own image, with all the weapons they had: firearm and cannon sfx, rnb vocals, dembow riddims, trap 808s, everything. im so glad they did. even the white boy vaporwave gentrifiers hiding out in outsider house of the time have to thank them now; they wouldnt be playing electro and trance and even some hardstyle now without them. also they helped destroy the ra polls which basicly destroyed the innervisions monopoly for good.

so now we starting our true democratic liberation where we can all throw parties and all have univeral healthcare and a living wage for all and we all like happy hardcore. tbc

sory i slept only 4 hours last night but

anyway the 10s are almost over so what was it? in dance music, in music, in politics, in life, what was it? what was ur fav parts of it? what do u think we will remember about it when we do our end of the 20s thread in 10 years from now? thx <3


This decade can easily be summarized in one word: deconstruction.


hm. idk about 3/4s of the stuff in the first post relating to music politics/genres so i’m just gonna follow your simple example and keep my take to one word, bit related to deconstruction but i think it better encapsulates all the things i’ve noticed (from where i sit): decentralization.


the internet conceptualized independent electronic music past the point of enjoyment

bass music basically ran pop music

now at the end with the Afrobeats and Latinx sound coming in hard people are ready to dance to actual songs again


whats a song? :thinking:


I feel like this decade was marked by self reflection during a time of rush. As said, it seems that every time a group of people on the fringes (whether as an underground community, or a group of marginalized people) made a piece of work calling for change, it became com-modified to suit the needs of corporations. Relating to the point on vaporwave especially, it seems that companies took the signifiers and aesthetics of what made vaporwave “vaporwave” while gutting out the initial critique of corporate culture it once had, taking only the early internet graphics and elevator music in order to appeal trendy. The same thing has happened when discussing issues such as sexism and racism where it seems like only corporations and celebrities are paraded as being “woke” while being a part of the problem.

Every time this sort of thing happens, it seems that our communities find new ways to reflect and express themselves, turning these ideas even more exclusionary towards the mainstream in order to prevent its commodification.

Personally, I think one reason we’ve (especially myself) become harsher when this type of stuff happens is because of the upcoming effects of climate change caused by capitalism that lingers, knowing that these powers that appropriate even fringe styles benefit from destroying the planet. This is what I mean when I say that we are self reflecting during a time of rush; the planets going to melt and it feels like you can’t’ do shit about it.


funny you say that because when i think of bass music, the work of post dubstep artists, weightless music, and i guess deconstructed club comes to mind rather than the edm trap that ran 2015-2017 that was then succeeded by dancehall and reggaeton.



wow i like songs!!! =D


In 2019 this track doesn’t make sense to everyone. A woman on the radio said it “irritating video game music” whereas I get emotional cause it sounds like vocal mix transition between a hard house tune and ukg or breakbeat and first time someone used a synth with step-sequencer.

Red Bull

PC Music


There was lots of brilliant music from all over the world obviously


this has the potential to be a discussion slash discourse, guess I’ll buzz in. Purely from my perspective, not yours.

2010 was super fun for me as I relapsed into Rave life, festivals on the western side of the US were crackin af, molly was coming around, people were still making money selling mind altering compounds without paying their taxes or startup investors.

2011 we all gave it one last orgasm before collective fears flexed our spines into submission

2012 hella fun, apocalypse n shit. Didn’t happen but the functions lived up to it. premonitions of sobriety due to class wars.

2013 we began to deconstruct, phones sunk teeth into consciousness, politrix into comments rather than irl

2014 weirdness creeping…FaceTime appears

2015 club hitz, shitty drugs this year

2016 some good L came back around, ran off into the woods, festivals started to be shit again

2017 collective fear aka resist, paralysis, make your own art, lots of reggae for me

2018 we emerge unscathed it’s all just an illusion keep making art, lots of hip hop, it seems to be an ideal medium for this emotional populist confusion

2019 how come all the weed sucks now? It’s all corpo sativa…


2020 we keep talking AT each other rather than WITH each other but find the dance to be healing once we finally ARRIVE


I agree with a lot of the sentiments made by @weirdoslam . For anyone that wants some context for some of the points he made, I would also recommend checking out three very short books:

Ghosts of My Life by Mark Fisher

Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle

Babbling Corpse (about the history and political intent of the original vaporwave movement) by Grafton Tanner


Girl Unit released Wut in 2010 and it’s been downhill from there


good ol’ Simon has a few ideas