Tell me about Disco!


So i’ve been really appreciating disco, soul, and funk type of music. I’ve been on the lookout for lesser known gems. Youtube mixes seem to mostly play the classics, which are great but I want some more haha.

So, do you folks have any disco recommendations, channels, mixes, documentaries, books? International stuff is cool too…


i love disco and i’ve had this list bookmarked in my browser since 2012 (!)

here’s a spotify playlist i made that includes most of these tunes (some just flat out aren’t available to stream) plus a few extras.

this tune is one of my absolute faves (of any genre) although this cat rarely gets mentioned by the cognoscenti, which is a shame.

there’s a couple of residents/affiliates on Rinse FM who play incredible, under-the-radar gems…will try to post again if I can remember their names…


Will definitely be checking these out… thanks a bunch


Le Stim - A Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King)

i have been spinning this lately


Have you checked out stuff by Arthur Russell yet? Amazing composer, producer and played a mean cello!

This is one of the greatest songs of disco imo and you can hear a huge amount of influence on house music coming from this tune!


Top playlist that! Gonna play that one for a bit :slight_smile:


As with many of Super Disco Edits recent releases, “Love Under The Apple Tree” was never released when Bill Brown and the Soul Injection recorded it way back in 1971. While the track was later re-recorded with a different vocalist and backing band, this is the first time soul and funk heads have been able to purchase Brown and company’s arguably superior original take. Interestingly, it was recorded at a high-profile Hollywood studio and you can tell. Brown’s lead vocal, the female backing singers and the assembled players - drums, bass, glistening guitars and hazy horns - all sparkle thanks to a genuinely high quality production. This isn’t quite the case with the spacey and bustling flipside “Fool-ology”, which sounds like (an albeit high quality) demo recording.

Released Yesterday (14 Dec 2018)


this just popped up on my Bandcamp feed today…lovely little uplifting instrumental…


This is a compilation released in the summer, with disco cuts from Yugoslavia. Some are covers of well known hits, others are originals.

Also this gem


Awesome!! Definitely will be checking this out!

Also there are these two labels that I’ve been digging for disco cuts:

  • Star Creature
  • Favorite