Teki Latex // The Tardigrade's Lament


The Tardigrade’s Lament

The tardigrade is a micro-animal found everywhere, from mountain tops to deep sea, from tropical rainforests to the Antartic. It is able to survive extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation. It can have sex in outer space. Under unfavourable conditions, it goes into a state of suspended animation in which it can survive for years or even decades, making the tardigrade virtually immortal. I’m not trying to say « I am like a tardigrade » or « this mixtape is a tardigrade », i’m just saying, tardigrades are really cool.

DJ Nehpets - Oochie Bang
Pearson Sound - Lola
Minor Science - Volumes
Zomby - Tarantula
Ceephax - Shadowphax Part II
Le Dust Sucker - Mandate My Ass
Arma - Gosha Jumper
Infamous Zol - Hybrid Nights
Rudeboyz - Major Turn Up
DJ Cleo - Ruthless
Dj Lag - Switz
Aero Manyelo - Just In Time
TSVI - Hossam
L-Vis 1990 - Forever You (Dub)
Lil Silva - 606
Scratchclart - King
NKC - Codeine Crash
Real McCoy - Another Night
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro
Soundhack - B1 (Matthias Zimmermann Re-Hat)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro (Le Dom Edit)
Dance System - Soul Preasure
20 Fingers (Feat. Gillette) - Short Dick Man (Accapella)
Madison Avenue - Don’t Call Me Baby
Phats & Small - Turn Around
Demon - You Are My High (Vitalic Remix)
Scalameriya - Gyarikku Hou
PLOY - Ramos
Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii‎ & Koji Kondo - Fossil Falls (Super Mario Odyssey Soundtrack)

Recorded live with 3 CDJs at HF Music Studio Paris

Art by Pierre Thyss


This is what I call “the art of mixing”.


:dragon_face: over, beyond and underbottomy the canopy


Love that mix !
Texi Latex is an awesome DJ and it worth it to see him live !!
Did you listen to his other mixes like King of Blends ?