#tbt Throwback Thursday


for the nostalgists among us…

listening to “LP” by d’eon today. reminds me of a perfectly unproductive sunny day in the pacific northwest.


Nostalgia over a 6 year old record? You gotta pimp your nostalgia a bit.


hahahaha i agree but hippos though… i feel like we are all entitled to be a lil nostalgic


i’m from the future…


The new single got me listening to old Orbital again, particularly “In Sides” which I sort of knew of when it came out but didn’t really get into until a few years later (Napster days) particularly because finding stuff that wasn’t radio friendly was much harder before that.


oh man, like when i downloaded little fluffy clouds and continued to think it was an orbital track until…ehhh probably around 2006

got me on a halcyon loop now…


love this song!