Suicideyear // Color the Weather (LuckyMe)



Before last year, Suicideyear was only a name I barely knew, only heard of cause people were dropping his name around social media. I copped the Remembrance 12" in 2015 out of impulse in a record store (also cause it was my first time going to a record store too lol), but I really only known his stuff since last summer. I caught up with the Brothers EP with outthepound way too late, and I caught up in time to see him get signed to LuckyMe and release his Hate Songs EP.

Heavily emotive stuff. So melancholy, yet so magical.


Hate Songs was highly enjoyable, very rich sounding, this should be a highlight reel soundtrack for a miserable summer.


Hate Songs soundtracked the 2nd half of a miserable summer for me last year perfectly. Seeing as this summer’s much better so far, I hope the album would soundtrack sunny, nostalgia-tipped days of recent memories.

One of the best things about Suicideyear’s music is that he really puts in a lot of personal emotion into his tracks a lot more (and a lot better) than other producers. Of course I’m talking about his instrumental projects, not beats he made for rappers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It really helps to read interviews from him about his creative process + influences and all that.


I had only heard the Lucky Me ep, saw on Spotify this morning that there is quite a few earlier pieces, anything people would recommend out of those tracks or does it all follow the similar vibe?


This album’s definitely on a more intimate vibe, but there’s still a lot of great stuff from him nontheless:

^^^ my favorite track of all from 2017.

on a similar vibe

^^^ whole EP from this one is worth checking out.


This is beautiful. I kind of wish there were more vocal tracks, but loving the downtempo but bass heavy vibe.