Stenny // Upsurge (Ilian Tape)


Stenny releases his debut LP on Ilian Tape. Between ambient, drum and bass, electro and IDM.

Stenny - Upsurge

A1. Water Maze
A2. Detraction
A3. Sensitive Habitat
B1. Blind Corners
B3. Swordfish
C1. Whyrl
C2. Psygraph
C3. Fast Fade
D1. Dew
D2. Cursed
D3. In A Distant Light

Absolutely incredible release ! Love it


damn. a lot of great tracks on here. added to my watchlist


Amazing, thanks for sharing!


out today on streaming platforms. great stuff, really like this more than i thought i would. has the atmospherics similar to the last skee mask lp while being it’s own thing, i spose what is the illian tape sound. love the heaviness and almost disintegrating effect that Psygraph has