Spotify Playlists


To get it out of the way, Spotify is bad and is likely killing the music industry.

Nevertheless I am on it all day long and would love to follow some of your playlists. Particularly those of the DJ Crate and shuffle jukebox variety.

Here are a couple of my active playlists -

Best DJ Music -

Spring Shuffle Jukebox: Printemporary -


Good to have this thread! I just started one a few days ago. It’s small now but at the rate I listen will grow pretty fast.


Damn I totally missed this Playlist. Do you maintain it? Sick selection!


Here’s a playlist I’ve been updating for the past few weeks. Every friday, I’m adding 10 new tracks to keep things fresh !!


I have a few playlists spanning several genres that I update about every week or so

These are two that I think would go over well in this forum

I am actually interested to know if anyone has made a 555-5555 playlist for all music made by us members? If not, I would be happy to set one up! I am on spotify 24/7, just lmk