South African Slow House Thread


share your favorite SA groovers. Kwaito, Amapiano, etc. Anything that’s slower than regular house tempo.


ill start with Alaska - Accuse. I remember where I was when I first heard this track!! an absolutely facemelting introduction to that low slung swagged out kwaito chant sound. 1999!!!

Was recently reissued on Esa’s “Amandla” complilation on soundway, but unfortunately just the instrumental version – no vocals which are critical.

Thankfully, you can find this album and Accuse on all major digital download sites like amazon thanks to that sweet major label distribution :slight_smile:


Haven’t heard that one before - top tune! Defs going in the DJ bag (maybe even get to play it out post-Covid ha ha ha…).


Oh should add something to the thread too ha ha, check out anything by Trompies, they’re pretty rad. ‘Sweety Lavo’ is a top little tune!


Oh and TKZee! So good!


Ikonika recently did an amapiano mix 4 worldwide fm


Yes! Trompies!

I just found this instrumental from their first album ('95) and it’s been on repeat


oh hell yeah. checking this for sure.


been checking Arthur’s album Mnike this week, mostly because of that silk shirt fit/pose on the album cover.

This one is crazy. Dude is just yelling into the mic:


I’ll rate it, top tune!