SOPHIE // Oil of Every Pearl's Un-insides (Transgressive)


Release date June 15th

Looking forward to this one. [UPDATED: No release date or album artwork yet] The last two singles were both pretty amazing. Looking like this might be an AOTY status release. Definitely something v refreshing


Always puts on a great show as well! - link to the recent interview that dropped the album name -


Is this going to be a full-length or another EP like Product? If so I think it’s the first project from the bubblegum bass scene to release a full-length album.

Also hopefully she’ll continue to play with noisier tracks like MSMSMSM, loved that spin on the poppier sound.


Yeah, this release is going to be ridiculously good. For me personally, though by and large i’ve moved onto other pastures (regarding the scene/time that Sophie was birthed from) there is no denying that she is one of the most consistently interesting producers out there right now and has been since lemonade. Can’t wait to hear this. Ponyboy is still jaw-dropping even on 100th listen.



Can’t wait for this. My favourite Sophie is Just Like We Never Said Goodbye, so I hope there’s something like that on this album.

Faceshopping… It goes hard but it’s also so wonky and jarring? Sometimes it reminds me of that Jurassic Park theme (melodica cover) meme, but of a grime beat, and sometimes it’s so ridiculously satisfying. Whether I end up liking the album or not, I’m confident it will be one of the most interesting things I hear this year. Bring it on.

e: Also she said at a live show in LA that the release is June 8th, so fingers crossed!


honestly Faceshopping is SOTY. The lyrics are like a bizarre, insecure Zen prayer - “My face is the front of shop,” “I’m real when I shop my face.” It’s a fascinating exploration of identity and consumerism and how they’ve become enmeshed to an unbearable degree. The instrumental is that enmeshing, everything getting scrambled and drilled and then at the bridge where it turns into this hi-gloss ultramaximalist pop song, it’s the point at which the “shop” is complete and the true self, the beautiful self is made real.


Hope that June 8th date is legit. Preferring quick surprise drops these days to the long drawn out campaigns. It’s cool that she’s releasing through Transgressive as well instead of XL or something.
Another interview here from i-D


Ponyboy ended up knocking Holy Child out of my SOTY 2017 spot (and Faceshopping + It’s Okay To Cry weren’t half bad either), so if June 8th’s real then I’m looking forward to it.

Without diving into the topic of the hype usually swarming The Scene That Birthed Her, it’s nice to see she’s in a space where she can just go ahead and do her thing and I’m happy for her.


june 15th confirmed release, lxdies and gxntlemen!


LOL! Undoubtedly incredible production. Not sure I would ever put this on headphones, but would love to hear it live.


just popping in to be a massive dickhead and say I HAVE HEARD IT and yeah, it’s fucking excellent. sorry!

there’s not that much on there that isn’t already out in the world, it’s a fairly concise statement, but a couple of the as-yet-unheard ones are mindbogglingly good. i would recommend saving it up until youve got perfect conditions, full stereo experience and all that.

who knew that autechre and the spice girls could actually have beautiful babies one day


Artwork! Updating the OP


WOW! Had not seen the artwork until now. Thanks for updating.
Beautiful, so excited for this one.


just finished listening through it for the first time and it is an absolute vengaboys meets system shock fantasy, transphobia has singlehandedly been ended today


Giving it the most cursory listen this morning. It’s definitely building on what came out a few years ago on Product and making actual “songs”. Especially on tracks like Is it cold in the water. Ultimately, I wanted more gaseous pitched up bubble gum pop, like the track Immaterial.


transphobia has singlehandedly been ended today

Do you reckon? Think that’s a bit much to ascribe to an artist we didn’t know was trans and reviewers/press identified by their birth name until relatively very recently…


Product brought together so many intergalactic bangers in one place, it was an epipen to obliterate sad vibes and give your headphones a reason to live, really enjoy revisiting every now and then.

This, after second listen through, just veers a bit to hard towards the nu-internet 5th world balladary with a touch of too much hard clang. Pretend World just goes on a few minutes too long at the end imo. Not Okay and Immaterial very much go though, I’m sure a few of the others will grow in time.


my apologies if it wasn’t clear, but it was a joke i made as a trans person myself

given how quick OOEPI clicked with me maybe i should go back and reassess product, i remember i used to thing the second half flagged compared to the first


Fair play pal, I’m sorry for misunderstanding!


Really enjoying this. The almost power-ambienty bits like Pretend World and either Pretending or Infatuation (it’s one of those, can’t remember which) are a great addition to her sound. They’re so textured and almost transcendental. Sometimes reminding me of a shorter version of Autechre- All End or something off the recent Aisha Devi release.

My only criticism at the moment is that it lacks a stand out banger track for me. Maybe Faceshopping or Ponyboy is but not we’ve had those tracks for so long that they maybe don’t jump out as part of the album experience. Also all of the singles being bunched at the front means we’re not even hearing them in a new context. I didn’t follow too closely outside the officially released previews so the rest was pretty fresh for me. Excited to spend more time with it. Sure I lost loads of the detail by listening to it on the tube.