Sónar Reykjavík // Harpa // Reykjavík 25-27/04/19


Sónar Reykjavík has completed their lineup. Definitely one of my favorite festivals to go to (I live in Reykjavik so that helps).

Heavy on local talent with some bigger acts in there as well. Worth every krona to get here and dance and party in this scene.


I don’t think I’ll be able to go as I’m away with work that weekend, but 'd love to check out some of the local talent as I am quite often in Reykjavik. Any recommendations?


Kuldaboli just released on Bjarki’s imprint bbbbbb: https://soundcloud.com/bbbbbb-records/sets/bbb012-kuldaboli-eg-elska-ig-elifa-stri

Bruce b2b Árni is Bruce (Hessel, not local) and Árni Skeng who is one of those encyclopediac-DJs, able to drop anything and everything in a set and keep you moving: https://soundcloud.com/arni-skeng/tresor

Good Moon Deer is fantastic, but hard to find stuff on the internet right now.
Allenheimer is also great: https://unfiled.bandcamp.com/releases

The hip hop scene takes a lot of noise in the press, but if you don’t speak Icelandic, I can’t see it being anything more than being a curiosity. If you are interested: Floni, Logi Pedro, GDRN, and Kef Lavik are doing interesting things.

But yeah, just holler if anything sparks interest, I can share more. The community is small.


Thanks a lot! Going to Reykjavik tomorrow actually, but just for a night. I’ll load up some of these for the flight to set the mood. :smiley:

I see that Árni is coming to Oslo, Norway, where I live in May. I’ll be sure to check him out live!