Sobriety. Is it overrated?


Since god took a big ol dump on my clubbing days and stopped me from coming back to Europe, all I do these days is read books and go on boring tinder dates.

How do you guys do it? Other than music and going into nature, what do you do in your free time?


I draw fucked up explict psychedelic comix, shoot photos and video, edit them, show them to like 10 people, and occasionally skate. make mixes for friends and myself. been wanting to spend more time cooking and writing, but work leaves me zonked. so pretty much the same shit I’ve been doing since I was 16…minus the graffiti and raves :cry: fuck tinder dates btw don’t let the algo shape you any more than it already does


fuck tinder dates btw don’t let the algo shape you any more than it already does

:sob::sob: thats some real shit lowkey

i never drinked and im 24, to this day i find it very confusing this association with music. honestly only realized drinking had anything to do with clubing when i was 20 lol


Started bonging hash from pet bottles when I was 23, it’s been a downwards spiral since then… really into downers nowadays. In my free time I make bass oriented music and do club photography. The last one is hard now because of the crisis, but it’s great fun and I’ve met loads of nice DJs and artists (Oliver Heldens, Igorrr, Teklife don DJ Earl, Dillon Francis, to mention a few). Got some of my investment in expensive photo gear back economically too, which is nice.


I got so heavily into embroidery, which is something totally new for me. I’m making all these animals that I’m going to sew onto a jacket. So far I have a dragon in the clouds, a rabbit in the weeds and a fish in water. I also started learning about Taoism which is something new, but it’s helping me see this different world in a really nice way.



Blockquote[quote=“nickecks, post:2, topic:3422”]
I draw fucked up explict psychedelic comix, shoot photos and video, edit them, show them to like 10 people,

I feel this so much, I’m really down for “audience of 10”.

Makes me realise how before, a lot of the “stuff” I did - what I spent my time and money on - was just the production value on my own escapism lol.


yeah, learning to be alone or in small groups or even invisible is a lost art. reading this book called How To Dissappear by Akiko Busch, explorations on the power of invisibility and camouflage in an era of transparency.

i feel like over exposure can be the death of young ideas, half baked art, and lots of other things that aren’t for public consumption. part of the reason we no longer have a true underground, and part of the reason i like to keep it within my 10.


Sounds like the perfect audiobook / soundtrack to my embroidery, thank you!


Interesting thoughts here. I kinda go for an “invisible” style by dressing down to look like a sketchy dude, then people avoid you / look away a bit more than usual. Down to street level.


Yeah there’s power in invisibility, being lost in the crowd and simply observing, listening and watching without worry. It’s a kind of social food.


Sounds like my everyday life. I generally feel very aloof and detached from the world due to mental health conditions, but I see it more as a perk than anything else.

People watching is an interesting activity. Not in a creepy way of course.


Yeah, sobriety/invisibility/camouflage in public is a power, alone it’s somewhat of a mutation. Feel like drinking alone is like throwing a party nobody shows up to, you’re hyped for what never occurs.


Same man, I’m 26 and haven’t, don’t do anything else either… Been getting into non-alcoholic beer lately though, it’s cool, I can see why people like beer. I’m trying to find some non-alcoholic wine next, give it all a taste. Harder to find, starting to wonder if it even exists. I swear it does

When I hung out with friends more I was of course always sober while everyone else was drunk. Didn’t give it much thought at the time but in retrospect it was kinda weird. Probably makes everyone else uncomfortable? Not sure. Everyone else is just hanging out and you’re there like :neutral_face: “Haha, oh huh?” Definitely makes it harder to go with the flow

Isych your embroidery is cool. I’ve been thinking of taking up sewing, just regular sewing for like making clothes. I figure it would be pretty cool to be able to make clothes, like pants, shirts, hats, etc. anything really. condoms even