Small NYC-area shows Jan 2019 15th, 17th, 19th.


If anyone here is around NYC I’d love to meet up in real life. I don’t normally play locally this often but by chance I have three shows this week that are all pretty small and good to hang at. All free. Just come hang.

Jan 15 - The Pet Shop Jersey City, NJ I run a small, monthly series called Sound in Color with a few friends in the basement of this venue. Mixed genre. Walking distance from the Grove St. PATH station.

Jan 17 - Doing a short set at QXT’s Night club in Newark, NJ again with some friends. Should be a fun hang.

Jan 19 -Father Know’s Best in Brooklyn, NY. My friends Nothing Neue and Sum Total have a residency here called In Plain Sight. This is more dancey and leans toward instrumental hip-hop and house. A great time, they usually pack the place, and both those guys are super talented producers. I’m doing a more substantial set at this one.

If you decide to come through, just shoot me a message or come say hello!!


i will be in JFK for only 2 hours on a layover the night of the 17th, if it were any longer it woulda been cool to come through…keep posting tho and hope the shows go well!


Oh yeah, JFK is a bit of a hike from JC but maybe some other time!