Skee Mask // Pool (Ilian Tape)


New release from Skee Mask. Thought it could be interesting for many here.


Oh fuck yes. Thanks so much for posting. This is it.


Spent yesterday listening to this one on repeat. Fantastic release, loving it!


probs my favorite one. Nostalgic and warm. really cleverly arranged and layered. Thoughtful and insightful. And the end, damn I fuck with those drums.


Man, its really good hey. Epic, epic record!


New interview on first floor! shawn does great work with his ‘blog’ so its the perfect space


yiiiis, wondered why it wasn’t on spotify, don’t blame him or the label at all. Fuck spotify


Such a good album! Bold choice keeping it off streaming, but fuck it, why not. Also high price for BC, but again, why not.


idk if its that high tbh. 18 tracks, 18 euro. sounds fair to me hehe!


100 min of music. from skee mask no less! i think thats worth it.


Oh not saying it’s not worth it! Just don’t think I’ve seen many other bandcamp digital records at that price.


This guy really can do no wrong. Stoked for the record to arrive :star_struck: