Sharing recent pieces of artwork done :)


Hey all, made a similar post to this one last month (sorry for the spam - couldn’t delete the last post)

Just wanted to share some recent pieces of artwork I’d done with you all, am always looking to do more commisions so if you or anyone you know are looking for some artwork for your night/release etc hit us up yo! Would also like to see other people’s art they’d done recently so feel free to post yours also! Hopefully an opportunity to collab or something could arise, always looking to be inspired and do more so yeah just thought it’d be cool to make this thread for those reasons - thanks

Ryan / DJSP


Love all this stuff.


im really into your style - especially love the first three!

do you have a website/ig where you post more of your work?


Great stuff, gonna get in touch next time I need something.


Instagram is @djsagepay - thanks for the kind words abt my work means a lot :slight_smile:


Pls do g! Bigups !!! :slight_smile:


real nice man. smooth use of type in the last 2. keep it up!


Thank you mate appreciate that! :slight_smile:


i like ya photographic stuff, nice


Thank you appreciate that :slight_smile:


Looks amazing to me. Let me know if you ever want some source photographs. I have a giant backlog of photos that would look good with your designs.


Hey I’d love that, pls send them all (if you can / don’t mind) to ‘’

super appreciate you reaching out!


Sent you an email with some links to two albums.


Thank you mate, going to check this today! Excited :slight_smile:


hi all, just updating with some recent bits - thanks for checking out

(last1 posted here was a collab with Marnie Hamilton - her insta is @_mmarnie - rlly talented artist)



Really nice work!! Getting some vibes from “designers republic” :wink:


Hey thanks! Yeah they were / are a big inspo! :slight_smile:


Just chiming in to say yes, these are Very Good!


Hello there! There are my recent artworks. I’m not often create visuals. but i like do that.

I did, just paste nice photos on a old pictures.


an assorted bit from my past year in ATL :x