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Pro Patria - Tomorrow
She Past Away - Sonbahar (Antipole & Paris Alexander Remix)
Bestial Mouths - DRY AS DUST
ADAN & ILSE - Red Star (DeadStar Remix V2 by IN DEATH IT ENDS)
POD BLOTZ - Anthroposphere 2070
Teste - Romans Are Dead
RAUM - Interspecies dependencies
Ye Gods - Son
Statiqbloom - Alcestis
Nootropic - Spider
Hex Wolves - Blood Vapor (Type AB Remix)
Hex Wolves - Horrible Boring Death
Chelsea Wolfe - Erde [Claus Muzak remix]
BITWVLF - 105am feat. Greywolf
satvrnxx - ANTIDOTE
FatalCasualties - It Could Have Been You
Orphan Swords - Purple Heart Return
Poperttelli - BBB
Black Dahlia - Ricoche Holly
Noise Unit - Struktur
Sydney_Valette - Safety Net (MIND MATTER Remix)
Red Axes - Break the Limit
Legowelt - You Are Just a Sad Hologram Projected From The Edge Of The Universe
Billy Bogus - Libyan Bikers (Johnny Paguro Remix)
Machinegewehr - Shield
New Haunts - Thrill
Kind Human Being - Lets Talk
Sarin - Savak (Broken English Club Remix)
Filmmaker - Middle Ov Nowhere
Alvar - Prepare For Fun, Prepare Farewell




Hlasela (feat. Thalerh) - Citizen Boy (Gqom Oh!)
Africa’s Cry - Dominowe (Gqom Oh!)
Gqom Tera - Menzi (Hakuna Kulala)
WOZA - Mafia Boyz (Gqom Oh!)
2 African Sickos - Nazar feat. Citizen Boy
Iyona - Emo Kid & DJ Bradolz (Gqom Oh!)
Ice Drop - DJ Lag (Goon Club Allstars)
Run - Griffit Vigo (Gqom Oh!)
No Mercy - Rudeboyz (Goon Club Allstars)
Newlandz Bang - Kapsule Boyz (Gqom Oh!)
Psyqom - Tommy Kid (Cyber Sonic LA)
3 Step Culo - DJ Lag (Goon Club Allstars)
Last Route - Julz Da Deejay (Gqom Oh!)
Futuristic Gqom - Emo Kid (Gqom Oh!)
Nightmares (Step Down) - Da Soul Boyz (Nervous Horizon)
Ree’s Vibe - Griffit Vigo (Gqom Oh!)
Khonkolo - DJ Lag (Okzharp Remix) (Black Major)
Uhuru - Citizen Boy & Mafia Boyz (Gqom Oh!)


I’m inaugurating the new and exciting podcast serie Vinculum with episode 001.

I delved too deep in my brain trying to build it and it wasn’t until I just let go and went with the flow that it clicked. It’s important to think but not to overthink.


  1. Queniv - Unknown Territory [De Lichting]
  2. OK EG - Filament [Steeplejack]
  3. Stenny - P-Zone [Illian Tape]
  4. Overmono - Iii’s Front [Whities/AD73]
  5. Peder Mannerfelt - Blockchain Carpaccio [Peder Mannerfelt]
  6. Rhyw - Causalty [Seilscheibenpfeiler]
  7. AADJA - Inside, Revolving [Trip]
  8. Ezy - Bout Dat [UTE]
  9. Buttechno - AC Torches [PSY-X]
  10. Σ - Untitled [Σ]
  11. LDS - Grain Rain [Monnom Black]
  12. Laksa - Sen On One [Timedance]
  13. Collo - Bantu Nilote [Decisions]
  14. Pessimist - Ridge Racer Revolution [Illian Tape]
  15. Special Request - Deranged [Houndtooth]
  16. Sherwood & Pinch - Charger [Tectonic]
  17. Iesope Drift - Ratastaa [Seico]
  18. Ausgang - BS82 [Ausgang]
  19. Deniro - Ten Eight Seven [Trip]
  20. Heathered Pearls - Pain Tolerance [Ghostly International]


All vinyl all picked and spun on the spot, Thursday afternoon improvisation

Classic House into Booty House into Trance Rave Technoish things

Mike Dunn, Cybotron, Dj Deon, Dj Assault, The Phantasy and Bicep


The nice folks of Heavy Traffic invited me to contribute a mix earlier this year:


And two others in the same vein:


Winter Weirdness 2020 Mix

done in december. let’s zone out a bit …


I’ve been doing a monthly show on Threads Radio here in London for a while now, tends to focus on the broad umbrella of “ambient” with some shoegaze and other bits thrown in, and I’ve recently started bringing guests on board each month! You can check out the archive here:

If you like what you hear, please give me a lil’ follow so you can keep up with new shows and mixes :slight_smile:


I recently did a mix for the excellent Tbilisi base radio: Mutant Radio.

Was one of those moments I was really missing club vibes and it kinda came through with the selection. Hope you guys like it.


  1. Arp - A Clearing [Musica Cosmica]
  2. Special Request - Curtain Twitcher (Nina Kraviz Alice Was Here remix) [Houndtooth]
  3. Sycum - The Dream [Kompakt]
  4. Paleman - Audio Repeater [Paleman]
  5. Talismann - Drynk [Talismann]
  6. Calling The Freak vs Space Cadet - Flitz [Bonzai]
  7. Techno Junkies - Mindvox (Speed Punch Mix) [Bonzai]
  8. Sympletic - No Name [Ifach]
  9. Peter van Hoesen - Fautline [Timedance]
  10. Sugar - Downer [Kulør]
  11. 3Phaz - Cluster Drum [Irsch]
  12. Kosei Fukuda - 天漢 Tenkan [Reiten]
  13. Slick Shoota - Draw (Samename Remix) [Hyperboloid]
  14. Franz Jäger - St Zap [Hayes]
  15. Deft - Esklusive [20/20 LDN]
  16. AGCook - Xxoplex ref4 [PC Music]
  17. Peder Mannerfelt - Small Faces [Sneaker Social Club]
  18. Zuli - 3ankaboot [Senaker Social Club]
  19. Slick Shoota - Draw [Hyperboloid]
  20. Agency666 - Understand me (PTU remix) [Psychocharmant]
  21. Hyroglifics x Sinistarr - BS6 [Hooversounds]
  22. Mad Zach - Drawing Blood [Alpha pup]
  23. Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg - Altered Destiny (Seven Orbits & TSVI remix) [SVBKVLT]
  24. Eversines - Retrospect [De Lichting]


Baltimore / Booty / Club into Funk into Acid Jazz / Big Beat / Dub to Broken Beat / Wonky House

All vinyl, improvised on the spot. Would love feedback if anyone is so kind as to take the time to listen. Bless!


Hello everyone, I have a monthly radio show focused on the sounds of acid in any and all genres it might be, sometimes I have guests, most times it’s just me going at it for two hours. It’s broadcast on an argentine online radio station called Radio Electronica Argentina (, which I highly recommend if you want a quick primer into some of the amazing talent coming out of my home country.

Here’s a playlist including the latest edition (broadcast last weekend) and all the past shows:

There’s another playlist with shows I did before in a different online radio station, and if you follow me on Instagram, I often post music I’m working on and other stuff.


first dj mix i actually recorded in a year. after all the depression and self-censorship and fear. i chose not to give a fuck anymore. i am not my former self. but im still fuckin cool. first of many hopefully all quarentake5 mixes to come (or even better, we can end it early by actually making our goverment actually end this fucking plague for once by just giving the vaxxines for free with our $2k along with it)

  1. Post Scriptum - As it tastes
  2. Mike Parker - Undulating Frequencies
  3. Abyss X - Animosity (SOPHIE Remix)
  4. SYCUM - The Dream
  5. Mr. G - Just Wanna Dance
  6. Gafacci feat. Chefbanku - Azaa
  7. Cassius Select - Honda Civic
  8. Polygon Window - Quoth
  9. Kidd Kenn feat. cupcakKe - Shake Sum
  10. Slam - Stepback2
  12. Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid - Straight To Hell (Extended Mix)
  13. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch
  14. AYBEE - Veger
  15. King Von - Took Her To The O
  16. Mani Festo - Iron Fist
  17. Playboi Carti - On That Time
  18. Etapp Kyle - Limb
  19. Rolando - Untold (Markus Suckut Remix)
  20. DJ Mujava - Township Funk
  21. Sleeparchive - Dusty Galaxies
  22. Cassius Select - Guia Circuit
  23. Playboi Carti feat. Future - Teen X
  24. DJ Jean - The Launch (Rollercoaster’s Pumped Up Mix)
  25. Whitney Houston - Step by Step (Junior Vasquez Tribal X Beats)
  26. Rufige Kru - Ghosts of My Life
  27. Max Rebo Band - Ray Da
  28. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Beats
  29. Skudge - Vessel
  30. Sleeparchive - Image Photometer
  31. deadmau5 - Arguru 2k19
  32. Inigo Kennedy - Mission End
  33. Female - Hard Education B1
  34. BabyNymph - clown shit (up the wall) (SOPHIE Remix)
  35. Diddy Dirty Money feat. Lil Wayne - Strobe Lights
  36. Mike Parker - Two Step Sweep
  37. PnB Rock feat. King Von - Rose Gold
  38. JD Twitch - Agyapong
  39. Blazer Soundsystem - Destorto
  40. Humate - Sound (The Advent Remix)
  41. Slam - Stepback
  42. Playboi Carti - Stop Breathing
  43. Cirez D - Control Freak
  44. Cirez D - Control Freak (Adam Beyer & Henrik B Remix)
  45. J Majik - Your Sound (Remix)
  46. Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
  47. SOPHIE - Pretending
  48. SOPHIE - Immaterial

in memory of sophie xeon
1982 - 2021
“whole new world for you and me”


this selection is so wild - i love it haha


Thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to listen :slight_smile:



some eclectic house typed feels - Nico Jarr, Madlib, John Tejada, DJ Healer, Daft Punk, Masters at Work

fuck i miss clubbing


A mix of recent deep house bits n pieces.
Billy Lo - It’s The Life (Cosmocities)
Jazzgalaktik - Chicago Skyway’s Set (Excursions)
Taelue - Liberate (Visions)
DJ Steaw - Holding On : Ron Trent remix (Phonogramme)
Dan Piu - Beautiful Day (Deep Inspiration Show)
Specter - Cold Sweat (Second Hand)
Norm Talley - In Your Soulz (Upstairs Asylum)
Opolopo - Chicago (If It Ain’t Jazz)
Chigagodeep - Straw Hay (Fundamental)
Norm Talley - Digital XTC (Upstairs Asylum)
Lord of the Isles - Skylark: Linkwood Remix (ESP Institute)
Jason Hogans - Do Away With Borders (Alelah)
Cody Currie - When the Time is Right (Toy Tonics)
Vince Watson - Progress : Joe Claussell Remix (Everysoul)
Alex Attias / Pevenn Everett - Love Dimension (Visions)
K15 - Feel More (Esencia)
Hanna - The Forgiven (Contrafact)
Josh Milan - First Graders (Honeycomb)
Patrick Gibin & kaidi Tatham feat Josh Milan - Love to the World: Theo Parrish Remix (Neroli)
Tatham & Ashong - Sankofa Song (Kitto Records)


introducing Sons of Sounds [Lliesse b2b Papaouacho]
check Sons of Sounds mixcloud for entire show w DJ Papaouacho

Prefuse 73 - DeadPilot_120_F
Sporting Life - The World Is Our Lab
Dedekind Cut - De-Civilization
Space Afrika - oh baby
Teebs - Everyone Alive Wants Answers
patten - EPCH
Blanck Mass - Chernobyl
Burial - Stolen Dog
yuk - tortay & friends
Aho Ssan - Intro
dakim - ironallclad
DJ Rashad - Let It Go