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Jumping in here :slight_smile:

1 hr of house and techno straight from Detroit, Michigan. More info inside. Hope you enjoy :innocent:


my first guest mix ever! please, let me know how im doing haha
mostly ambient dub/illbient/swampy-techno, first 30 mins me before D Strange



My latest mix from my monthly podcast series. Mixed together with some minimal house together with some German techno.


መግቢያ (ማመን)
SadeVillian - Silver Spoon
Burial - Stolen Dog
Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer
DJ Earl - Had My Way
DJ Rashad - Rollin’
Sampa The Great - ‘Final Form’
The Delfonics - I Gave to You
Kendrick Lamar - I’m Dying Of Thirst
Ethiopian Records - Hetebet
Prefuse 73 - Breathe
Blank Banshee - B Start Up
DIBIA$E - Tornado Spinkicks
Denzel Curry - ZUU
smells like teen aesthetic
Madvillain - Strange Ways
Burial - State Forest


I’ve been doing a kinda infrequent mix series for about 8 years called Hydro-Static Pressure. It’s covered a lot of sonic ground. Some of these focus on particular styles I get obsessed with, but I’m actually a freestyle DJ and this mix is probably my favourite out of the series as its what one of my live sets is like! Hope you enjoy it!


Done a couple of mixes since I was last here.

Mainly old dubstep tunes, heavy subs:

DVA - Technical Difficulties
Jus Wan - Azure
Hijak - Tears
Skream - Monsoon (Loefah Remix)
Silkie - Cyber Dub
TRG - Feel For You
Pinch - Joyride
Shackleton - You Make Me Cry
Furesshu - Horizons (Asusu Remix)
Horsepower Productions - Reefer Max
Deleted Scenes - Stutter
S.N.O - Red Alert
Digital Mystikz - 2 Much Chat
Atki2 - Guilty Pleasures
Mala - Forgive
Benny III vs. DJ Hatcha - Highland Spring
Peverelist - Junktion (Shed Remix)
Darqwan - Friday At The Limit
Monky - Float
Arkist - Fill Your Coffee
F. Off Productions - Enter The Tekken
Equiknoxx - Someone Flagged It Up!!
Benny Ill Vs DJ Dinesh - London
MF96 - Dayz Gone By
Kode9 - Sub-Kontinent
Shackleton - Paper Throne
Floating Points - Sais Dub
Dusk + Blackdown - Ex-Swing
Atki2 - Distillers Riddim
Cliques - 8th
Kode9 - Babylon (Dub Mix)
Dusk + Blackdown - Akkaboo

Grime & UK Funky mix I did with my brother:

Lurka - Battery
Bone Head - Peace Keeper
Razzler Man - Renk Dread 2018
Snowy - Going On
Locklead - Roa Tek
Akito - Fallout Factory
Kode9 & The Spaceape (ft. Cha Cha) - Love Is the Drug
KG - 808
Bala Bala Boyz - Baza Ba Skivere (prod. Reuben G)
DJ MA1 - Waterfalls (Daylight Refix)
Roska x Jus Now - Pharaohs
Hysterics - Eye Mask
NA DJ - Coming In Strong
Flava D (feat. Miss Fire) - Happy (Dub)
Walter Ego - Reddeh!
Uncle Bakongo - Bambara
Murdz 86 - You Will Get Air Pie !
Scratcha DVA, Killa P, Sijnin Hawke & Zora Jones - Bussgun
Murder He Wrote (ft. Maddie Ellerby) - That Love
The Ragga Twins - Spliffhead (original)
The Ragga Twins (ft. Richie Davis) - Good Times
Scratcha DVA - King
Jam City - Arpjam
Donaeo vs. Youngs Teflon - Oi Mate
Cooly G - Distorted
C Powers - Ask (Less Kick Beats)
Manga Saint Hilare (ft. Maxsta & 140Aks) - Stack & Count
Footsie - Prang Man Remix
DVA - Kurb Krawl
DJ Berlingo - Yaani 2
Jammz - Danger Instrumental
YGG - Strikers
Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (Inkke 8bar)
DJ Garna - Sinister
Dubchild - Alright
Walter Ego - Sensu Beans


Hey everyone,

Here’s a recent mix that I did for the dutch platform Zenevloed.

Brussels-based HYPNA merges genres like DnB, ambient, and grime to a fresh and contemporary approach to deconstructed club music.

Track list:
Régis Renouard Larivière - Contrée
Mumdance & Logos - Chaos Engine (Shapednoise Shatter Remix)
Filter Dread - Lock Break vs patten edit (Genesis R2)
Dolphins Into The Future & Lieven Martens Moana- Grottelle
Chino Amobi - Brussels Airport
Xali’p - 33.3
Hypna - Synchronizing
Ssaliva - Gauze
Shonen Bat - Voodoo Pills
Lowquid & Dinger - Company
L-Vis 1990 - Ballad 4D (Mokona Weight Reduction Stage 2)
Dan ‘Toasty’ Forden - Air Kombat
Leibniz - Crash
Hysterics - Code Switch (Club Mix)
Lowquid - The Fall
Akito & Famous Eno - Airplane Mode
Ebb - Gravity Flux
Hypna - Infrared
Le Dom - Schism
T5UMUT5UMU - Sufism
GIRL Unit - Double Chop
Walton - Gunshot Clap
Pearson Sound - Starburst
Head High - Set Me Free
India Jordan - Through Lacuna
Hypna - Data Recovery
Le Dom - 13 Layers Of Stone
Kevin JZ Prodigy x Errorsmith - Feels Like Free For All (Fisky Bootleg)
Neana - Soirée
Emily Glass - Worker
Mala - Changes
Bakground - Memory Card III