Share Your Killer Phone Apps


After rocking an iPhone 5s for the past 4 years I bit the bullet upon my return to the States and signed up for a 24 month plan with a brand new iPhone XSMax with all the data bells and whistles.

So what are your amazing apps for music, fun, photos, vids, workflow, etc etc??

It would be great if you could include if it is free or what it costs if paid…

I love the NTS app, the Bandcamp app, Filmic Pro for shooting pro style video ($14), StarTracker for night sky viewing, Resident Advisor for shows, Overcast for podcasting, Speedtest when i need to know if a cafe has legit WiFi, Luna Solaria for moon phases, Camcorder for shooting VHS style vids, Huji for '98 style disposable camera photos, Pixaloop for making animated photos, AllTrails for hiking, iNaturalist for plant id, adn Signal for encrypted messaging. All are free other than Filmic Pro.


smartphones are evil


i got the max too, lovely phone. i actually wish it were bigger

hmm, i love letterboxd (free) for checklisting what you’ve watched. stardew valley (paid) is a killer game and on ios now. ubereats for when you’re super lazy and want to burn money on delivery fees. wildfulness (paid) is a nice meditation app, it’s simple and basically just graphics with ambient sounds; it’s quite soothing. plex is dope if you’ve got it set up in your home, great for media collection. shazam (free) is now ad free since the company has integrated into apple


Rad I’ll check em out. And sure smartphones are evil but rather the devil I know than the devil I don’t :smiling_imp: it’s a tool.

Yeah I shoot video and was finally convinced to get the max to use not only as a viewfinder but also for a standalone camera. Having fun going through apps for photos and videos, probably going to invest in a macro and fish eye wide lense for it as well.

What’s your experience been like with battery life? Has it heated up at all for you? What kinda case did u go for? I’ve had a few times where it’s warmed up pretty quick for me, but usually cooled off as soon as I shutdown other apps and took the load of the RAM or data…


just started using this app called Stationhead that is basically a social radio platform. It connects to your Spotify or Apple Music collection and lets you pull songs from your collection to add to your rotation. You can talk to your listeners, call up other stations, and the app will even pay you if you generate enough of a following.

right now I feel like the app is a little over saturated by hip hop and pop stations but everyone is really friendly and trying to collaborate from what I’ve experienced so far :slight_smile:


That sounds rad! Got a link to your station? Or is that how it works?


MYREZULIVE is my handle - hopefully this link works haha


nice yeah, the newer iphones are a great replacement for a camera unless you have a high end dslr. battery life has been pretty great, you can check battery health somewhere in settings. it lasts me around a full day for moderate to heavy usage. i got a slim clear case for it but have taken it off since going bareback looks a feels better, just need to be extra careful; especially when in the pocket and sitting down. mine warms up in hot weather pretty quickly but i assume that would happen with any phone, if it gets that way i let it rest for a bit.

those extra lenses you can buy are pretty sweet. i had a micro lens for my iphone 7 shooting the smallest of things.


yeah thinkin about getting one of these, or the Macro one


nice if you get one you’ll have to give us a fish eye view of you pulling some tricks on your skateboard


yup thats the idea, wanna start shooting skate, bike, hike, and water adventures.

i’ve also been using an app for a platform i found through folks posting on this forum which sort of works like a pinterest for websites as well as YT videos or anything you find online really, it aggregates your stuff into channels which can be a great way to save all the interesting think pieces, journalism, videos, images, or websites you come across surfin teh interwebz

here’s a channel i keep


I’m a big fan of Nanoloop for fooling around with music when on public transport/toilets.