Share your favourite mixes of yesteryear


Sharing and notifying each other of some hot new mixes and shows that have just popped up is all well and fine, but more often than not I find myself repeatedly heading back to a selection of mixes that were released several years back. I’m sure y’all have got a favourite you consider to be a classic and seeing as there’s a thread for just posting your favourite A/V gubbins, I figured this’d be OK too.

To start us off, I’ve got the almost too good Radio Soulwax mix “Under The Covers Vol 3” which not only has some ridiculous mashup transitions but also some incredible visuals.

Also a favourite of mine is the very fun and silly Dog Food Mixes by Spinee and GFOTY of PC Music fame. Not really a mix in the regular sense, but still very much worth listening to.


My three favourites are:

Soundmurderer - Wired for Sound.

DJ /rupture - Gold Teeth Thief

Jeff Mills at John Peel 2004.

The two first are released on the same label, Violent Turd. Oh god I miss that label.


really enjoying the DJ /rupture mix right now, thanks for sharing!


He got a couple of similar mixes. Brutal stuff. Only a mad man can have tunes from Paul Simon and Venetian Snares in the same mix.


LOL Boys mix for Fader is one I revisit a lot. It’s the perfect length for a quick listen, completely made up of all their own edits and for some reason even if I’m in a shit mood, it perks me up without fail.


Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 1-3 are on steady repeat in my life

also Erlend Oye’s DJ Kicks, then these 3…not super old, but ive logged hundreds of listens of each

steadily coming into classic status is Moodymann DJ Kicks


When I’m in a mood I always go back to Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix


Love this! Jerome LOL’s own Fader mix is class too. Opens with a great Enya edit IIRC


I always go back to this one from Spencer. Recorded with the crowd noise and related rowdiness still intact. Full of loads of classics from that era - Blawan’s Getting Me Down is a highlight. Beast!


Bought this double cassette in 1994 from Tiga’s original DNA records store. NO tracklist. It took me a good 20+ years to know what most of these songs were.


this mix is so many memories of snow days at college, smoking zoots in brixton, climbing into clubs without id and random college house parties


Oh HELL yeah, that was a great one too.


Just asked a pal for UKF mix recommendations and he delivered with a “check out the funky thread on this old dissensus forum”,which also has all these uploaded alongside it. yaaaaaaaaaaaas :fire:


Also picked up a few Violent Turd CDs over the years. That Soundmurderer one is probably my favourite though. Used to really like Tigerbeat 6 back in the day.


Same here. Was deep into that stuff back in 2003-04. Action Packed Mentalist Brings You The Fucking Jams is still precious to me.

But yeah, that Soundmurderer made me fall in love with jungle.


I’ve enjoyed EACH of the Lukid’s shows on NTS. Probably the best show they have IMO!


I keep returning to this Slimzee mix from 2014

Also love this old Grievous Angel and John Eden, Lovers Rock Vol1:



Pitch black techno war funk… it can only be Ancient Methods for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations series.

…someone wants to make a run of shirts with that on it, i’ll take two.


Probably listened to this more than any Jon Hopkins album. Absolutely stellar mix of his own material/remixes.