Session 053 All House Music


Ok so I did another mix this month, which is all house music, and mostly vinyl - also, mostly brand new stuff from this year.

See what you think:

Session 053 All House Mix - September 2018

Grant – Take a Chance – Dukes Distribution
Paolo Rocco & Pijynman – Numbers – Courtesy Of Balance
DJ Steaw feat. Slikk Tim – Go Back – Rutilance Records
Nebraska – Pintxos (Session Victim Remix) – Friends & Relations
Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget – Ninja Tune
Melchoir Sultana – Source – We Will Always Be a Love Song
Alex Israel – Penithboid (Dennis DeSantis Remix) – Bear Trax
Gilbert – Bird Of Paradise – Innate
Hade – Baphone – Local Talk
Peak Shift – Door Jam – Temporary State
Crackazat – Proton Blue – Local Talk
Okain – Delair – Signature Recordings
B From E – The People (Dream Mix) – Tartelet Records
Peak Shift – Disinter – Temporary State
Melchoir Sultana – The Haze
Agnes – Silent Obz – Hudd Trax


I’ll be listening to this after work.

Would you mind sharing how you recorded this? Do you just record in serato/trakto and upload it straight up?



Sure, it’s not terribly interesting…

I ripped all the vinyl first. Then recorded in Traktor using timecode vinyl / turntables. Then made the video and uploaded it to youtube.


Dope! Really dig your taste.