San Francisco - Algorithmic Art Assembly 2020, March 27-29


hey all,

I’m putting on a second Algorithmic Art Assembly this year, March 27-29th -

Similar format - day time talks by working artists talking about tools and processes, from machine learning, film making, script writing, data sonification, granular synthesis, 3D animation, and video game design. Bit of a granular synth theme this year with talk and performance from Curtis Roads, and talk from Chris Carlson with Borderlands Granular.

Nighttime music heavily algorave oriented, with lineup including Kindohm, Calum Gunn, Trash Panda QC, CNDSD, and headliners Myriam Bleau, Richard Devine, and YACHT.

Oh! also two limited space workshops - on Max/MSP and TidalCycles .

details and ticketing -



I’m curious, how has Grey Area been as a venue and space for events over it’s evolution? I’ve been waiting to get someone’s input on it but havent been yet. What’s it like?


I ask mostly because I’ve spent years clubbing in SF but live up North now and am curious what the vibe, sound and layout are. Seems to me to be more of an ambient/synth/talks and workshops kind of space, but perhaps I’m off…


Sound system is awesome, 8 channel, super subs, and a great sound guy, Alrich, who loves to take advantage of the system, encouraging musicians to push it further!
I’ve had a great time working with everyone at the venue, they’re really into what they do.

Venue size is really good, and modular, can technically accommodate up to 800, but can be easily reconfigured for smaller crowds down to around 200 so it still feels full and bustling.

It’s definitely more an art space than a nightclub, but they’ve had some great club nights too. Think more SONAR than Berghain.


Wow, sounds great. Do you happen to know what kind of system it is and if it’s new? Thanks for the info!


from their tech spec, this is from 2017, but i think still up to date -

The Gray Area / RML L-Acoustics sound system is a 3 way, reference quality PA, consisting of:
Digital Mixing Console 1: Midas M32
With 32-channel Klark Teknik Dante Networking card
32 preamps, 40 simultaneous input channels, AES50 networking, 192kHz ADC & DAC converters
Lake LM26 Digital Loudspeaker Processor Dante enabled
(8x) full range two way coaxial speakers: L-Acoustics 115XT
Frequency Range: 50Hz 18kHz SPL: 132dB peak
Mids: Direct radiating, bass reflex loaded 15” driver >>Peak Power 1000W Highs: 1.4” exit, 3” voice coil diameter, titanium alloy
diaphragm, neodymium compression driver >>Peak Power 350W Total SPL: 144dB@1m, 126dB@8m (for 8x speakers)
(8x) 18” Omni / Cardioid Subwoofers: L’Acoustics SB118
Frequency Range: 32Hz 100Hz SPL: 135dB peak >>Peak Power 2400W Total SPL: 144dB@1m, 126dB@8m (for 8x subs)
(2x) Dual18” LFE Omni Subwoofers: L’Acoustics SB218
Frequency Range: FR: 25Hz 200Hz SPL: 142dB peak >>Peak Power 4400W Total SPL: 142dB@1m, 124dB@8m (for 2x subs)


Nice, thanks. Def gonna check the spot out next time im in SF! Glad you’re developing a good working relationship and enjoy the space!!