Sample Manipulation Appreciation


I came across this amazing gem of a video that shows how Havoc from Mobb Deep created the Shook Ones Part II beat. He also used the sound of a gas stove clicking when you first turn it on for the Hi-Hats…fucking genius

So I’m thinking this can be a place where we post samples we appreciate that have been manipulated in awesome ways or just simply tracked out to make amazing music.

also perhaps how multiple artists have flipped the same sample different ways…with house dnb and jungle this could be endlessly fun!

here’s a soul sample flipped 3 ways…first the original (the sample is in the first 10 seconds)

then, a Bay Area Gangster Rap flip circa '94

UK dude Nightmares on Wax gives it the mellow treatment in 2006

Colorado producer Pretty Lights sprinkles in some Etta James in 2011

so yeah maybe folks have favorite flipped samples to share?


this video was cool too. the “DJ” is kind of a clown and really over-acts his “DJ moves” but yeah, Havoc.


this is a mix that taught me the most about sampling and how broadly it’s used in hip hop.

the wu-tang underdog theme sample around 21:30 blew my mind back in high school…still get goosebumps


you’ll like this one - it’s wicked - ‘sample special’ show


nothing fancy here just a hard ass intro and gangster rappers making it harder


late 90s into 2000s era


the original

jungley rave flip

trancey flip

pop techno flip

indie house flip

2018 techno is cool for everyone flip



inspired by the amazing layering at 36:00


appreciate you putting all these together


appreciate your free tunes on bandcamp :wink: