RIP MF DOOM 1971-2020


god fucking dammit


RIP to the greatest that ever did it

Never heard anyone use english like DOOM and probably never will again. That guy was on another level completely, and I feel crazy lucky to have been alive while he was releasing music. Goddamn.

I love this video of Mos Def talking about him - it really highlights how weird and complex and beautiful his rhymes were. And the way Yasiin talks about him in reference to Mingus and Monk feels v on point.

“I swear the whole world could feel you MC”


i really don’t like his music but so saddened to hear this. marked his name in history anyhow…


Made this in '03 - few have pushed their individuality like DOOM, been an influence for some time - REST HIS SOUL

please enjoy as a would-be lost hard drive item - this is no promotional thing



So much good stuff but Madvillainy is one of the best albums ever imo, a really solid piece of work that is more than the sum of its parts. For me personally it was important. I was obsessed with it for months when I was 18, and it was the trigger that had me move away from mostly being interested in guitar music to mostly being interested in rap and electronic stuff, which has pretty much set the tone for the next decade and a bit. It also introduced me to DOOM and Madlib, and tangentially J Dilla, and there’s a whole world of music just within their catalogues.

I’ve always been more into the instrumental side than rapping exactly (I struggle to concentrate on lyrics of all kinds, I’m distracted by the music), but DOOM could draw you in. Also quite uncommon to have someone use so many internal rhymes without it being annoying and distracting - with a lot of people it’s a bit like a guitarist who is too virtuosic and shows off too much.

Anyway enough talk, here are some of my favourites.


Rhymes Like Dimes

Fancy Clown


Great Day (Four Tet remix)

Super Friendz (Edan remix)


Vaudeville Villain

Dead Bent


this one’s been on repeat, the rain and storm gets me in my feels, the raps remind me what a beast DOOM was

Dabrye & Doom is up there with anything Madvillian in my book

My favorite mashup, Silver Spoon / My Favorite Ladies @ 4:00 is the highlight for me

This dropped a week before his death, and as such I was on a huge Madvillian relapse when i got the news…

To me its somehow fitting he died on Samhain, when the veil is thin and ancestors are speaking louder. A supervillian creeps into the darkness, forever legendary, and the world only learns months later. I’m still unpacking gems out of verses 20 years later. His music will only deepen in its resonance now that he’s vaporized into the ether.


freestyles to this are very fun

mentoring the youth, production on this is ALL DOOM

never seen this before tonight, he was very much an everyman ala Phife, just an average dude with superhuman rhymes and ability. man. :sleepy:


Anyone feeling it come around? Thinking of recording a mix tribute, miss this guy lots still…



maybe and just maybe aesop rock