rinse fm roll-call


hi all, i’ve recently been given a rinse fm residency and the ethos of this alias is showcasing the weirder / more experimental sides of dance music (the music of LGBTQ+ people very much encouraged) and i’m posting here hoping people see this and reach out either to guest or to send me their music. i’m also very up for being sent recommendations old or new, again as long as they’re a bit weird ha

i’ll try and check this wonderful forum as much as i can but feel free to get in touch via any of the social channels / my email which is furious.styles(AT)yandex(DOT)com

here is a link to the last show + tracklist https://soundcloud.com/furious_styles_rm18/sets/rinsefm

mumdance - the sprawl
moleskin (+ riko dan) - grand ballet furious styles vocal special
kuedo - mtpzn
lotic - resilience
total freedom - (one from the trash pack)
fellony - noir vip
diamond - (i think it’s by question marc)
ur - final frontier
bloomfeld - euro vs yen
kode9 + spaceape (rip) feat cha cha - sign
calcifer - got no love double dutch mix
ty84 - look like
something in your eyes - ed case (k warren mix)
lotic - distribution of care
dizzee rascal - tapped
sd laika - something in your eyes
my vision of the sun (96k) - 703863457
bloomfeld - glokk
pangaea - hex
wwwings - ashes
dj deekline - i dont smoke
neil landstrumm - sleep at night
dizzee rascal - ho (shadie’s version)
rabit - let moss be moss
vessel - glory glory
grandmixxer - x for xtinction
a&s - xenix
avbvrn - (from avbvrn’s snack pack vol 3)
cakedog - champions
mark pritchard - you don’t know me

thanks for your time all



omg im jelly! congrats on this :revolving_hearts:
https://weirdoslam.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/weirdoslam
here’s my stuff right here, plus me and my friends run a lil netlabel too
p much all of our artists right now are queer n trans af so feel free to include us in stuff
btw i can give u an invite to our discord server too :3


hey thanks so much that sounds amazing yes please!

I’ve got your soundcloud and bandcamp opened up in new tabs to check out ASAP

big ups and thank you


ur welcome :hugs::heartbeat: