Renting an answering machine


I organize raves in my area and want to bring back the rave hotline as a way to communicating the time and place of parties.
Do you know of a service where I can « rent » a number with an answering machine?


some friends used a burner phone & simcard and that worked ok
*edit in retropect of the current data collecting policy this whole concept is preeeety loose:laughing:


The developer in me would suggest a service like or other such platform.

The ground level rave organizer would be clueless.


Yeah I wish to be able to do it the most anonymous way possible… Also buying a phone seems a bit overkill


Thank alot for the suggestion. Maybe it’s too much work for now and will do it when it has a more substantial use…



Well, ping me if you need help with it if you decide to use it in the future.


For sure thanks a lot for the proposition


My friends did this last Saturday just gone for a show. It involved a £10 burner phone with a Voicemail message set up with the password/details and then just leaving it turned off. Fairly simple method!