Redacted - The Private Music Tracker


Has anyone used this? Is it as good as I was an avid user and contributor to and now I have a bunch of releases I want to download that cannot be found anywhere, would have possibly been on


I actually got an invite thanks to a member here, and was having a grand time for a week or two, but then because I didn’t know that person IRL they blocked and booted me…I’m also a former member and from what I could see in those weeks it was quickly becoming just as awesome as a tracker community.

Had some really nasty exchanges with admins however, they were just very cold and honestly a bit disrespectful. Turned me off from attempting to apply again and take their test to gain entry, but it’s been a while now and I’m curious to see how it’s matured.

If you get in let us know what you think! I’ll give it a try one day soon as well. Gotta study tho :face_with_monocle:


i’ve been a member for a long while, probs only 6 months after it started. it’s amazingly great except for the admins who are def unapproachable af, but most of the time ull never have to deal with them.