RA removes scores from album/single reviews


Long time coming! Very stoked that they went for it.

Always hated the scoring, and I’m sure the writers did too. Honestly I’m just reading for the reviewer’s take on the aestetics, context, etc of the record, and their general opinion. The idea of some sort of sports “score” or numerical value assessment was just really corny.

Also, I am still really mad (unreasonably mad) that the comment section is gone.


i’m not against scoring, it gives a rough indicator of enjoyment. of course not everyone uses the system properly… but somehow this feels to me like another loss. you’re not unreasonably mad about the comment section going, that was a bad decision

as it stands now, the site is just less exciting to visit than it once was. apart from maybe WATTM is this forum the last place to discuss this type of music?


http://www.dissensus.com needs a bit of shine, remember slackk posting really early novelist freestyles on there

They’ve actually got a much chunkier thread on this very subject: http://www.dissensus.com/showthread.php?t=14859


Thanks, I didn’t know about that one… the thread in question might have more replies, but wow, it did end up somewhere entirely off-topic after a while. :slight_smile:


haha, yeah, there are a few prolific posters who seem to know each other really well so stuff can go off topic. They have some interesting discussion though and post some gems


Thank you for this! Crazy to see simon reynolds casually posting in there. Been digging in there the past couple of weeks, very london centric but excellent discussions even if constantly off topic. appreciate the tip.


no problem mate, yeah it’s a great place to lurk and just hoover up knowledge.

Used to love their grime thread http://www.dissensus.com/showthread.php?t=2192 (started in 2005!). Just having another look at it now and it’s a proper time capsule, brings back feelings of being a kid.


I definitely miss the scores from the RA reviews. Even though I didn’t pay much attention to them when it came to my favorite BUY ON SIGHT artists, it did give me some level of guidance when exploring new artists. And in some cases reassured me of purchases. Writers may be relieved, and music is art, but it is also goods one purchases and spends money on, so I appreciated the scores. It was also interesting to contrast the scores if they were reviewed elsewhere, P4k, Exclaim, RYM, etc.

The comments section were useful for me too, I never had an account there, but did notice the comments section kind go off the deep end for Objekt’s LP last year. Still, I miss the scores and comments, as crazy as they got sometimes, it was still a community, and now only have the RA Recommends section of the site as guidance…hopefully that’s not the next to go.

Still, for me at least, these are two things that helped guide me in electronic music.