Principe Appreciation Thread


What a label. Their music brings joys to clubs unlike any genre I have heard in recent years. Pure gratification in the form of dance music.


Any recommendations for someone new to the label?



Especially these two tracks:


new release is a banger as well…

de Lilocox



just in from dj marfox in glasgow, totally thrilling, perfect club music. a lot of love for the principe family here


Amazing, amazinnnng label - nobody sounds like them, not even close.

I really think Nidia is the best of the bunch, though unless i’ve missed something it seems like she hasn’t really released anything proper for ages right?

Hand painted covers are a nice touch too :wink:

PMODEL - so jealous! Would love to see him play.


Lisboa getting it! Thanks for this vibinggggg


Definitely one of the most consistent labels around, all of their releases are quality. Lots of depth in their catalogue as well, plenty of underrated gems – the Niagara EP from 2016 is a fine example


OMG i was wrong ^^ Nidia just release an album :octopus:


I do in fact think Niagara is the best of the bunch but they kind of do their own thing more related to free form hardware techno jams.


What are people’s thoughts on the name DJ Nigga Fox?

Discussion here:


No thoughts just laughs


imho seen Marfox live a couple times now and sometimes it’s just too fast/hard/empty for me – almost a speed arms race – feel as a DJ in the same style firmeza does it better.

Can’t match Marfox’s producky though…


I was a huge fan of that DJ Lycox album late last year. I think to me it struck the perfect balance between the various elements that Principe does (kuduro, afro beats and futurism, modern club sounds, etc).

But I’ve been really confused as to why Resident Advisor reviewed that album (and the following DJ N. Fox album) as singles/EPs.


really getting into new Lilocox now; it’s probs their most accessible 12 to date but proper addictive…


me too, curious if this more fusion/dancefloor ready trend will continue…its hot!!!


tbh that’s the sound a lot of people bang in the clubs; you don’t hear as much mad off-kilter stuff


nazar coming out on hyperdub – was wicked at unsound :slight_smile:


I mean he’s literally from Angola so it seems above board. idk how it is in the UK or Portugal but in America it’s pretty much fine to say as long as you’re black



it’s growing on me… at first i thought it wasn’t weird enough