Post Your Fav non-music URLS


Wanted to post this as a compliment to the ‘reading/literature club’ thread.

Where do people on here like to find their online brain food?
Also curious where other users like to read their news.

I’m trying more and more to get away from the Guardian as I can no longer bare starting my day with either Brexit or Trump.

I love Medium, amazing array of material and the articles tend to be self contained so you don’t need to be keeping up to speed with breaking news. Also many of them are great for bookmarking to read later, I love using the Pocket app for this


apple news is my general news aggregator

i frequent the videogame forum resetera even though i hate the shit out of it, the people there suck

indiewire + hollywoodreporter for movie news

and watmm


i love popsci - mostly for the DIY section :slight_smile:


best news aggregator site i’ve found, been reading them for 10+ years now

great balance of academic think pieces, arts, culture, and current politics / debates


I’m really in/out when it comes to non-music websites. Usually I just check them every once in a while.

I’ve recently started reading the ZEAL section of Medium, they got comics, talk about video games, gender stuff, etc.

… That’s really all I got. I love to browse twitter for art cause artists have links to their own sites & portfolios and what not.


I’m pretty fond of The Outline (although some of their contributors are a little too millennial-y for my taste).

also, The New Yorker 4lyfe



I like these too:


Been reading up a lot on mental models these days to help me develop a better understanding of the world we live in and I came across this site the other day that’s pretty informative with regards to this:


@ta_ref this is a great resource, thank you for sharing


they do a lot of music stuff and im guessing most UK lads already know of it, but i love the quietus. posting since they have so much non music related content thats really esoteric


I was going thru Kuedo’s discogs cause of his collab in the recent SRA album, which led to me going through his remixes, which led me to finding out that Clark remixed one of his tracks for one of Clark’s albums, which led me to checking out the related releases, one which was Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP (which I thought that the artwork was super bait). Nonetheless, I checked out who made the artwork, The Designers Republic, which led me to this interview…

entire site is pretty sick tbf. Anyone have any more artistic / digital media based websites I should take a look at?


Like, agency sites like TDR or sites that talk about agency/digital creativity? I used to be more on top of that stuff back in the K10K days, but these days I mostly tune it all out (and focus on music) because that stuff is already my job.


Current Affairs is a lefty news/culture criticism site, based out of New Orleans. They’re perceptive af (I think they’re a bunch of lawyers?) while being playful and cheeky. It’s refreshing to read folks that can churn through the depressing detritus of the news cycle and come out energetic and upbeat. They have a magazine too!



usually decent cartoons about politics with a left wing bent


Damn… that K10K site is so retro. It gives memories of a time of the internet I never fully experienced. was still in elementary when it closed up :no_mouth: