post some murderous bangers


they’re called bangers because the waveform is like a sausage. post more heavy duty stuff pls, can be any genre as long as it sounds like the roof will come off



took a second for this yank to get that reference :rofl:


this track was one of my first thoughts too as making the topic. you even posted the sausage!


if it










Mhhmm that peder mannerfelt ~soft~ banger




Clark - Suns of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks Version)


Ha. The sausage!

Post must be 20 characters: banging murderous tunes everyone tally ho well done quite good and lovely cheers tara.


I saw that American producer who makes brassy tunes on channel 4 news saying he’s making “sad bangers”

(I can hear you groan but) in ten years time he’ll be on channel 4 news saying he’s making “sad sausages” or, even, “murderous sausages”, and the news presenter will laugh like she knows what he’s on about all over again. Then the other news presenter will say, “You two had great chemistry…” just like he did last time…


Talking about something real.


Oh -this is a great list- YEAH


this is so goooooood


here to fix the curious absence of Trends & Boylan in the murderous bangers thread…