"Post-Club/Deconstructed-Club" thread


Your welcome, sometimes I just gotta help those in need


Real talk tho I feel like you’re trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist. The whole Post-dubstep used that technique. And before then Hudmo was doing it too and even earlier Dj Shadow and the likes back when Trip-hop was a thing. Hell Arca used it a little in the project he used to release music under before becoming Arca (which’s name I forget I’d have to check my HDD for it).


I didn’t really say “this artist was the first to ever use this stock software time-stretching technique”, I’m merely sketching a link in approaches between the two scenes, of which there are many more examples, Dedekind Cut/Lee Bannon and Yves Tumor/Teams, being as direct as you can get. It’s not exactly hard to imagine how interlinked these styles are.


Honestly if anything is ground zero for this style it is Classical Curves by Jam City


maybe this is my new favourite genre :grin:


Or even earlier than that the EPs Jam City released years before like Magic Drops


Pretty much Night Slugs circa 2010


@kid_kozmoe hahaha, I love how it’s not just ‘Club’ :upside_down_face:

@cesar That might well be, there’s a definite link with Fade To Mind too


that’s the only one I know if that counts for anything


Oh, I bought some Night Slugs around 2010 but completely missed the most of the label after this. At least some of those records I could used at a friend’s radio-show:


the joy of mathematics … :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this deconstructed techno? https://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/sampleradar-503-free-techno-samples-218884


i sincerely hope so…


Saw Ariel Zetina last night at the Wrecked & Carry Pride party in Brooklyn and I found myself thinking the whole time, now THIS is a DJ that can have Ha Dance samples going for half of her set and has the actual skills and voice to make a 2-hour c house set as engaging and probing as any ‘serious’ techno set or whatever. Definitely makes music that would get filed under the heading of this thread, but there was an understanding of dance music’s heterodox history (she’s from Chicago) that really elevated her to the top of DJ’s my age I’m actually excited about (not a whole lot of those unfortunately).


I meant 1, but I don’t fully want to back it as it’s a bit sweeping.

Basically I think you can think of new ways to move ppl effectively on a dancefloor (which may or may not be considered avant garde) but from what I’ve seen of this scene it often seem to take the route of just doing something weird and jarring. That’s not as interesting to me personally.

I do think there is a space for avant garde ‘unfriendly’ stuff, and I do like some stuff like that. I’m not really rating a lot of the stuff at the moment but I don’t know a lot about the scene or what they’re trying to achieve - it may well be that they have some reason for doing things the way they do (or there is some reason that it’s “connecting” with audiences / journos at the current time).


aint “wave” (the shit plastician rlly been pushin) aint just uplifting trance trap?


was dis? also, plastician’s still kicking around? oof. tho I gotta admit to listening the shit out of his Rinse show back in 07…remember he did a blend with Ayo Technology and some halfstep tune that blew my mind at the time.

Actually, for the sake of anyone who hasn’t heard this track…was near the end of Timbaland’s second renaissance, though I’m hoping he has a third act…adore his and Missy’s work in particular.


One of the craziest Timbaland beats is this one


Man, before that started getting played on the radio here, was ALL abut that song! Almost posted it myself so good looks:)


That Die Reihe stuff is excellent.