"Post-Club/Deconstructed-Club" thread


I would just consider both of those records techno, albeit in a more experimental form.


full project


When you play Lotic at a house party (@Meddle)


That’s a fair point Criminiminal, but the context is still a dance set up – big soundsystem, darkness, dancefloor, DJ or live act elevated up, etc. The scene you describe sounds kind of nihilistic to me, too!


I quite like the new Barker EP- perhaps its more honest to god ambient than ‘post-club’ but there’s an undeniable techno energy to it


Nice to see another Modern Filth OG here :wink:


i think there is a distinction between what Actress and Gamble are doing, as experimental/avant-garde takes on predominantly techno, and the ‘post-club’ stuff which is more of an ethos of producers trying to push club genres out of the club environment, or more precisely ‘laptop music’ outside of the club environment (Arca and Yves Tumor’s stage shows, perhaps Dedekind Cut too, even as he veers into ambient), but ‘post-club’ never touches ‘avant-garde’ sensibilities (let’s face it, avant-garde is a ‘sound’ rather than a practice, today) and never really using 4/4 techno beats. It’s like clouds of artists ‘mining’ in a certain location together but able to extract distinctly different properties.

All that said, this genre isn’t my favourite, but I do respect what’s going on.

An interesting cross-over might be patten, as I think they’ve skimmed ideas from both scenes


Accidentally came across your ep on soundcloud today (someone reposted it) really liked it! Especially Sink Hole is a banger


Already a classic :wink:


One of the most interesting guys out there, legend



Nobody figure Different Circles (‘weightless’) is on this trajectory somewhere? I really like that stuff. Actually extending the hardcore continuum (outside, above, below the club even) instead of just retracing it Bicep-style.


Peak deconstructed club music in 2018^^

and of course don’t forget the swords:


I do love a good bit of breaking glass and a sword swish. I’d like to see a track made of nothing but that.


When was the first time you heard a club track that sampled breaking glass? How about the screech of metal on metal? Around six years ago, when artists like Total Freedom started using dense, textural samples in place of traditional drums, it felt like a revelation. It opened up the field of play, not only by making room for this new, confrontational aesthetic, but by showing that club music’s vocabulary is only as limited as you want it to be. Why limit yourself to 909 snares or LinnDrum hats when you can open up Ableton’s sampler and slice up the sound of a C-4 explosive blast you ripped from Die Hard 2?
This quickly became a cliché in experimental club music, leading to the rise of a samey cinematic sound full of directionless sound design gimmicks. In the last few years, a lot of this music has simply sounded like the Foley track to a big-budget sci-fi or horror flick.

I don’t mean in a snippy hipsterish if-this-scene-ever-gets-more-than-200-copies-of-something-pressed-it’s-irreversibly-dead-to-me way, but i do think as any movement/aesthetic spreads you get (along with innovation and new perspectives on it) a fair pit of homogeneity and half-assed trend-riding as well

(and tbqh there is probably something to a lot of the ‘originators’ of “”“deconstructed club”"" being queer/poc/both while a lot of the music journalism world is (a little) better than it used to be 10 years ago but still disproportionately white and cishet)


well the first sword swish and the last sword swish was always the prodigy, lol

to be honest though, it was the same thing with post-dubstep/wonky at one point… there’s only so many teaspoon snares and cheek flicking percussion you can take. after mount kimbie, everyone went around flicking their face and making a track out of it


Yeah and who makes post-dubstep anymore?


I think it’s called ‘Future Bass’ these days, it obviously needed a rebrand after being consumed by mouth clucking noises and portamento pulsewave synths


Would argue that deconstructed club looks back the most out of such an ‘avant garde’ genre - the sounds might be ‘futuristic’ but they’ve appeared in music and sound design for decades, and most tracks are edits or reworks of old r’n’b tracks from the 90s. Very notalgic garde.


what about meta deconstruction? Is anyone deconstructing the deconstructed? I’d like to hear that.


i thought “future bass” was just the stuff teenage boys with anime avatars and cracked copies of fl studio had moved on to once they got tired of vaporwave