Porter Robinson // Nurture (Mom + Pop)


date: 2021-04-23
catalog #: MP460
genre: 100% organic electropop for e-boy ego death

1. Lifelike
2. Look at the Sky
3. Get Your Wish
4. Wind Tempos
5. Musician
6. do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do
7. Mother
8. Dullscythe
9. Sweet Time
10. Mirror
11. Something Comforting
12. Blossom
13. Unfold (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
14. Trying to Feel Alive

most of u will probs hate listening to this. i do not care.

i admit, im biased, ive been a fan of him ever since i was a 11 year old edm kid, ive loved him ever since since the spitfire ep in 2011. but seeing him grow into the heartfelt singer-songwriter and producer is now has been rlly important to me. worlds was already a massive breakthru for me (and many others) in actually making a point that electronic music does not have to be about the fanciest narliest drops, that it can express real human emotion. but where worlds was about growing up thru a world of memories of anime and video games and the things that developed him, this one is all about what the fuck do u do once u are all grown and u got everything u wanted already and u feel like shit for it.

this one is about him, and if u want, its about u, cuz its def about me as well. 5 years of depression and self-loathing and burnout and identity crisis bottled up here, with a hopeful message of perseverance and self-worth and worth to others thru the love u give thru out. amazing knowing that the guy i probs unconsciously looked up to most in my whole life was going thru the worst time in his life the same time i was, and he made it out with this to show, he made it out alive and happy, so maybe i can too. its a 10. its a fuckin 10. i know most of u would probs consider this one too unironically heartfelt and unelitist to rlly dig it, but my god pls just give it a chance for ur old pal ivy will ya!? <3


I also remember this name from my EDM days and have been sorta tracking him ever since.

I gotta say that “Musician” really knocked me on my ass; so damn catchy, and the way the chorus literally glitches is so sick. can’t wait to check the whole album.


yeah its amazing how he has done become like a legit amazing pop singer/songwriter as well as an amazing producer! i mean he already kinda was getting there with worlds, but looking back at it now, i can see how critics thought the actual songwriting feels a teensy lil generic and impersonal and was jerryrigged to somewhat of a still existing edm structure. im still amazed on how he able to pulled it off as well as he did, but this is just on a whole new level.

also the interplay between porter’s masculine natural voice and his new digitally altered feminine register is something i rlly fuck with so much. its so much on the forefront that i made a joking tweet that said “porter is just cheating with the octave shift fx he should just get on estrogen like a normal person” (im transfem i can make this joke) and then i remembered that he turned from hipster fuckboy to androgynous tiktok elf within ten years and the whole album is about personal growth and renewal so i deleted it in case it would eventually be too on the nose. lol whatever, im probs imprinting to much of my own history into him, im just glad he’s more comfortable with himself in whatever way he is c:


btw if u liked this album check out his life preformace for the secret sky virtual fest he held the day after the album dropped, it rly is amazing. new remixes of the songs, mashups with stuff from worlds, fuckin great