Tell us about your plague rave experiences, opinions, reservations, ambitions.

Are IG accounts like @business_teshno and NYC Covid DJs salty haters or public health heroes? Do you live in east Asia or Australia where parties are going on like nothing ever happened?

I recently went to my first plague rave in LA after being extremely cautious all year. Open-air generator gabber night next to some train tracks. I knew the spot was huge and wide open, so I would be able to keep well away from any corona boys. Crowd was a lot younger than my usual party circuit, and doing shitloads of nitrous balloons. Depraved af but a nice little taste of Euro style freetekno in the rotten USA.

Promoters probably shouldn’t have done it imo, but it’s nothing compared to the indoor germfests I see superclub DJs playing on IG. Since our government is so uninterested in helping anyone here I’ve become rather cynical. Not sure I’d do it again, but it seemed like a real glimpse into our zeitgeist that I didn’t wanna miss out on.


very interesting post/conversation. my 2 cents after a quick skim, i would describe them as a metaphorical public health hero that actually comes off as a rotten individual pretty quickly, take a peep at this instance and note the pragmatic most-liked comment where they BTFO business teshno’s logic but get no response

edit: and by rotten i want to expand, i mean that i would prefer a more no-strings-attached approach, like why is the account outwardly creaming themselves all the time & often self-referential, humble-bragging about mad dj’s in their DM’s as they post photos of DJs on their story with the word “WANTED” across their head? sadistic hype account innit.


My two cents about the business techno schtick - it’s what happens when what should be good motives turn sour, very fast. At least every other post that isn’t about rich DJs are other DJs taking stances against plague raves / racism, but that’s like barely the minimum.
IMO accounts like businessteshno are very counter-intuitive. No matter how good intentions are, it doesn’t mean much if it’s so self-righteous and self-serving. People do end up missing the bigger picture.

Gonna end on a paraphrase from one of the best bantzmen in the music business, Hawkchild DIY. He said how pages like businessteshno are pointless - who gives a shit about DJs at plague raves, cause their reputation doesn’t even take a hit and they’ll still get bookings post-pandemic anyways.

im failing to see the end goal this account wants to achieve?

the fans of these dj’s most likely do not care and after the pandemic these dj’s will continue to make a crazy amount of money.

futile way of tryin to put someone to shame.

— HAWKCHILD DIY (@hawkchild) January 28, 2021


Yeah fuck that account they’re building walls not bridges.

No constructive conversation amounts from that approach.

No minds are slowly changed through discussion.

It’s just Trotskyist witch hunting and wokester shaming.

Conversations best had in smoking sections and homes, not on socials. The anonymity makes it that much easier for them claim to be virtuous, by default.


Thoughts on this?


my thought is that they’re headhunting for clout. that they use the single word at the end to subconsciously plant a connection of that word with the aforementioned subject of critique. that no dialogue is occurring, that nobody is engaging in healthy discussion about where these critiques are situated in historical, social and economic backstories - ie what an investigative reporter or independent researcher would do. its just takedown tactics, hiding behind a hashtag and a viral series of posts. what a waste of opportunity to actually unpack and have nuanced conversations about these topics. meh, ive given up trying to explain alternatives anymore. ill just just let the leftist hydra devour itself…


@functiondownload if you’d like to offer your opinion on any of the five tweets, i’d be willing to respond and begin to discuss, and state my opinion. i believe that each of these tweets are lacking proper context and instead chose to share my thoughts on the approach rather than the content of the tweet. but perhaps if you have thoughts about the content of the tweets I can respond and we can have a good old fashioned reasonable back and forth exchange.


here’s one longer take on RA’s grant, link provided by businessteshno

“but now more than ever, marginalised communities in dance music need to engage in intra-community and cross-community dialogues about their attachment to platforms which are resistant to the type of scrutiny which would make any relationship mutually beneficial.”

where is this happening? on twitter? on medium? anywhere?

the reality is, we lack spaces to have these real conversations. maybe this can be one?


lol nah thx i aint finna be discussing european mag bull. imagine caring about what a rich country did with their fund.
just wanted to share in case no one seem it. always more than happy to fuck with euro credibility :slight_smile:


curious, where u based? I’m in the west of America


Society if the RA comment section still existed


they’d probably be a shitshow in this day and age lol. There were so many obvious trolls / dickheads but I can’t help but miss it a little. Everyone’s moved on to Twitter anyways


i think now that the RA comments section would have probs survived if they actually took their fucking time to moderate it. but they obv care more about being the eternal ticket middleman now for anything like “opinions” and “commentary” on the user front

i mean to be fair i could tell they were parodying the OptaJoe futbol stats account, but thats the thing aint it. its just a game of clout sport for them. tells ya the base level of things happening and then forces u to have an emotion about it. and if i rlly only wanted to care on that level i would have just sticked to football


i’m brazilian! still living here