Pariah // Here From Where We Are (Houndstooth)


It’s nice to see Pariah with new material. Guy disappeared for 6 years after being super hyped up in 2010 during the future garage/post-Burial era with that Detroit Falls single. Seems like he’s going towards a far more ambient / spacey direction since then, but I guess it’s been so long he can free himself of the expectations around his releases.


He’s been running around as Karenn with Blawan. V glad to see him back on the solo scene though


this album is gorgeous. totally unlike his previous work. will easily make my year end list in some capacity (despite borrowing heavily from the Huerco S. album cover/album title playbook…which I’ll forgive him for I guess :slight_smile:)


While I initially fell in love with him through Karenn, this is almost better.
It has an infectious optimism to it, similar to Suzanne Cianni The Velocity of Love, without the kitsch of most ambient/new agey records.


Took a bit to hit me but really beautiful stuff.


Yeah quite lovely innit! Completely different to his earlier stuff, which is a good sign, I think. (I was a big fan of the Safehouses EP back in the day, but Karenn wasn’t my thing really.) Some of it reminds me a bit of Oneohtrix actually, which I definitely didn’t expect.


2018s most underrated imo