Ossia // Devil's Dance (Blackest Ever Black)


killer record, folks. do check it out!


Really been looking forward to this album, but feel a little underwhelmed on the first listen… It’s deep, dark, dubby, and all the things I love about Ossia, but it just feels a little too slow and ambient to really grab me. The devil doesn’t dance as much as I had thought! I’ll definitely give it a few more spins before I make up my mind though.


I think it was precisely the ambient-heavy nature of the record that pulled me in the most, but totally see where you’re coming from!


yeah i was a little let down but it’s still great, the two tracks on there that were released previously are the best there. i’ve been listening to this a lot


thanks! giving it a spin. the Control & Gridlock 12"s were massive. somewhat overlooked too.


I said it back on RA but this is probably the best Diagonal record that Diagonal never released.