One thing that keeps you coming back to 555


whats that one thing that keeps you coming back to this joint?

for me, the freedom to truly express myself. feel like other forums do not give off that same vibe as 555 does to allow me to tap into my creative side :surfing_man:


talking about dance music in more detail then “yeah this new track is good”


yeah most def. lots of abstract minds on this forums so it is pretty dope to read some in depth explorations as to why a track is dope or not.



duuuuuuuuuuuuude B O M B A! much love to you too :heart:


The people. Super helpful and super knowledgable. Wish it was a tad more active, but I guess that falls on me too.


the non-narrowmindisme and the open-scopish


yeah, i too wish the forum is more active.


The first three months of activity on the forum back in early summer 2018 produced a bunch of good threads I like to go through casually.

Also there’s 3-5 threads I had a part in getting rolling that are fun to keep up with re fun tunes

Occasionally the discussions get fun, guessing that will happen again in Dec/Jan when everyone attempts to summarize the year in music again

I used to post mixes but haven’t been doing that lately, seemed like it sorta got lost in the self promo wash, but it was motivating me to finish em for me

But mostly I’m here for the :gem: that make my soul feel good. Early attempts to write more stories and tell musical tales didn’t really find much exchange, but I’m open for that again if engaged.


Oh and this place is helpful if you’re traveling and wanna know where the cool musical / art things are in the new town you’ve landed in. Thinking about a winter trip to London for the first time and def will be using 555 as a resource if so…ooops that’s way more than one thing :man_shrugging:t4: