Oli XL // Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer (Bloom)


“Bloom is a new label concept by Oli XL — Following the steps of his previous teenage label project W - I (but with a much wider scope), it will serve as the home for his debut album “Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer”.”

01 ‘Cygnostik’
02 ‘Liquid Love’
03 ‘dnL’
04 ‘Mimetic’
05 ‘Jet Generation’
06 ‘Flower Circuit’
07 ‘Hesitate’ ft. Ecco2k
08 ‘Orchid Itch’
09 ‘Imposter’
10 ‘Clumsy’
11 ‘Sniper Baby’

Next level -ish from man like Oli XL. I’ve been waiting for Cygnostik since hearing it on his first Rinse show back in November. This is the debut on his new label ‘Bloom’, a successor to W-I. Apparently it’s now a sublabel for Year001.


yes, very much agree. and i love all the snotty, pitched up vocal snips…”boring…LAME” :rofl:


Just saw this on Bandcamp. Gonna check it.


okay, so quick/fun digression (and possible awesome sub-thread topic)…

I’m riding my bike this morning around the lake and, as I pass this pack of spandex snobs as we’re all trucking up this brutal hill, I overhear them all talking about OTHER BIKE RIDES. “yeah, that’s a good one”; “come to downtown Valley View and get dirty with us”, etc.

I honestly don’t know if I can think of anything more mind-numbingly inane than listening to a bunch of suburban gen x wussies on a bike ride talking about other bike rides. in my mind, I said “boring…LAAAAMME” in Oli’s chipmunk voice.

what’s your best Boring/Lame story this week?


I saw some guy barefoot at In-n-Out today. Very lame move.

Overall, I love how experimental yet accessible the album is. The term “pop sensibilities” gets thrown around way too much as a buzzword but this album really takes the cake on it.


i’m seeing a 7 hour film at the cinema. i’m sure the song will rattling around in my head


Ok this album took me by surprise. Easily one of the best albums I heard in a while. Love how in your face yet subtle it is. It reminded me of the album Re.sort by Sora.

Like they’re both genre bending and very sample based, but of course Re.sort is a lot more ambient.

If you guys have any recommendations to albums like this in the sense of being electronic/genre bending, please do share.


The first time I heard this album it was just the track with the whiny Beck “I’m a loser” line irritated me and kind of made me avoid the album for a while, but eventually I listened to it and it just clicked together. That boring/lame with chalkboard sounds track also has been popping through my head. A kind of subtle irony without being snarky detached hipster irony. Love, uh, Liquid Love too. Very solid album


been rinsing some tracks off this album and wow, it’s amazing. Really lovely stuff.


I’m really glad you like it. Feel free to shoot me something to check out too.