Ok, How Do You Organize Your Music Library??


I have been organizing and re doing the folders of my music library. I originally organized things by genre. Though that does not really work as some albums don’t stick to a single genre and make it hard to organize.

Lately, I was thinking of doing it based on label.

I did that for my Bandcamp collection and it worked nice. Though my collection is relatively small so.

How do you do it?


Tbh I just use playlists. Can literally go back in time through your playlist and find long forgotten bangers.


Hmmm that’s interesting. How many songs/tracks do you put in a playlist usually? I think I’ll start doing this maybe.


i create a folder with the month and year (Aug - 2019) for my local music. i do the same with my Spotify playlists which i find to be convenient to do so whenever i need to go back a few months to locate a song i need for a mix, etc.


one thing i’ve done recently is made a huge playlist of every song i’ve loved over the past 10 or so years, mostly electronic with a few hardcore, punk and alternative tracks thrown in. currently it’s sitting at just under 2000 songs and i’ll have it on shuffle throughout the day. sometimes a certain track will start playing that i won’t be in the mood for but that’s easily fixed by skipping ahead

here’s a link


I have 3 folders: mixes, releases, tracks. Further structure in releases is linear (one release - one folder, without any folder hierarchies per label or artist). I have some artist, label or even channel folders in mixes though. I already did it in 1000 different ways, and now I think it just doesn’t really matter that much (at least, for me personally), I’ll probably just make sure to have artistname, labelname and year in release folder name to be able to filter quickly using explorer search, and that’s enough functionality for me.


Such a simple and efficient way I think. My only problem with that is that the release folder will be too big. Maybe putting releases under big genre labels, like rock, electronic, hip hop etc. would help.


Back when I used to do radio shows I would make a playlist for each show and after I stopped it was a great way to find music I really liked at different times (since I did the show for like 4 years). One day I messed up and erased all the playlists and I still have not recovered


I’ve got everything in folders, organized by labels and releases. Usually also try and keep them in folders numbered by catalog number.
In rekordbox, i’m using quite an extensive tagging system to find stuff back.


How my music is organized - I don’t really do it digitally. I have downloads from various sites - Boomkat, Bleep, Bandcamp, direct from labels, labels emailing the mp3s to me for buying the vinyl. I have music on two different USBs, some which are lost mp3s which can’t be found anywhere on the net anymore and are very precious to me. My phone has only has tracks which I really feel. Some tracks, especially some I downloaded back in 2015, have a lot of sentimental value to me, and I feel reluctant to delete it, but I’ve been working to save more phone space lately. I also have a bunch of random downloaded stuff on my main PC drive.

Besides mp3s, I keep a lot of digital organization through youtube, soundcloud likes. Definitely not the best way to preserve memories at all. I also have a bunch of Spotify playlists back when I still used it from 2013-2015.

Vinyl organization - very messy. I sometimes struggle to find specific records when mixing. I learn by heart where I leave my records sometimes. Gonna organize it by genre someday. At least every single record I have is archived in Discogs.


Digitally I recently replaced genre names with made up radio stations that can cover a range of genres and moods.

I find it less restricting, more fun & creates more diverse playlists that jel together with an overarching theme.

I’ll still do the odd sub playlist if I want to be real specific with a genre.


i keep nothing phisically or digitally
once i feel the urge to listen again something when i’m away of the source of music (internet, club, public place, other people place) I download it on my phone.
commuting every day, some track stood, other don’t
once i’ve killed those who stood i make a mix of them and post it in share your own mix section
basicly my library is my mixcloud