Offering to create rave style graphics for ur Track, Album, Social... *Free of charge*


Hey cyber I’m Sherif, a designer & producer, looking to have a bigger body of work in the music visuals domain, I grow my portfolio and u get cool graphics in this style:

I usually makes this sort of thing:
but rave imagery has been growing more and more on me so what u sayy


cool work my man! not really in need personally but cool iniciative


Nice stuff dude, gave you a follow on Insta!


Hi! I was thinking of doing a mix of hardcore tunes, and I think the visual style of that era of early 90s music was quite influential on this style. So if you are really keen I think that would be a good match. But I haven’t actually done the mix yet! So it’d be a while until I used it. I could send you it in advance if that would be helpful. But no worries if this doesn’t appeal, I don’t get big amounts of views or anything. is where the rest of the mixes are (I do the artwork myself basically as a template).

Here are some of the images which I enjoyed from a quick google search trying to guess what you’d searched for.


Let’s make it happen! what kind of format would u like the artwork to be in, also what sort of title / text is going on there?


I’m not sure exactly yet - it would be in a square format, probably the title would be “Hardcore” and it would ideally have “Strange Apparatus” on there in a less prominent way. I like the idea of it being fairly simple and graphical rather than too text-heavy.

I like things where there are 3 colours, maybe yellow, red and black, like in the Dance Planet one above? You might be able to get an idea of the shades of colour I like from looking at the artwork on my other mixes. But I kind of like warm & strong, not too neon, not pastelly - sort of a middle ground. Primary colour style. I don’t know if any of that makes sense! Just do what you feel is good. If you wanted to do it in a flyer style you could pretend it was an event from some time in 1992 at this location.

Is there anything else it’d be helpful to know?


Here goes something! hehe hope u dig this scene, I bunched up a few of the common themes plus a little of my own style into it, let me know what u think, 2 different versions so u can pick ur poison


Cheers man! Not sure which one I’ll choose. Currently leaning towards the first one.


It will probably be a good few months before I put this up btw but when I do I’ll post it here to let you know!


awesome glad ure into it!
this was fun actually I’ll do more of ur mix covers no problem


Nice style dude. Might be interested in some design too. If I can just finish some tunes lol.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I wanna combine industrial orange and some shade of green with white kinda sideways text in style of Horsepower Productions’ early releases.


You mean like Tempa’s early releases? :wink:

I’ve made a B-side design exactly like the template that Tempa uses.

The A-side is a bit finicky tho, I don’t know how to exactly get it the way it looks like.


Sorta like that yeah, but not full on rip-off.


Some of my favourite label design. The In Fine Style album cover is one of my all time favourites.


Yeah, that was one one I was picturing in my head.


Lets make it happen!
sorry for replying so damn late :smiley: