oceanwaves.io - collaborative online beatmaker


Hey y’all

Thought i’d share a project i launched earlier this year, its a simple + fun collaborative beatmaker which works in your browser. Send a link to a mate & jam.

Music 2000 meets google docs.

free fun for lockdown & beyond

Hope you enjoy


this is awesome - thanks for sharing~


Love this!! I built something similar (but MIDI only) for a research project a few years back with Node.js, but I never got around to putting it up online (other than localhost lol). Small (well, big I guess?) feature request: If you add an option for the sequencer rows to output a MIDI note message, sent to each of the clients computers, it means people can use it for networked control of hardware synths - which opens up a lot of really cool opportunities for networked music making :wink:


Here’s some pics of what i was doing - we used the MIDI out to control a few different external synths and some robot drums haha




dope idea! i think ableton had something similar going on a couple of years ago. not sure