Objekt // Cocoon Crush (PAN)


feels like the sounds are dancing around my brain


this album is mad boring for real


hahahaha youre awesome for being honest. i feel the same way now but will see if it grows on me…


its like he tried to make an Amon Tobin album but didnt have anybody to give him brutal honesty about his lack of song structure. these songs almost go somewhere fun then end up just meandering into foley room pseudo ambient atmospheric loops imo. too much sound design not enough song for me.


Found it a bit boring as well.


I think the album starts strong and ends strong, but really meanders in the middle. Overall haven’t decided how much I like it as an album, but Lost and Found (Found Mix) is really great. I just wish the rest of the album built up to the emotional payoff of that track.


curious how this album is aging for other folks…i’m beginning to appreciate it when i listen in the dark at night before bed drinking warm milk eating nilla wafers…