NYC Club Recommendations?


Visiting for a week early march, staying in Brooklyn. Any recommendations? Hard techno, hardstyle, gabba, noise, hardcore preferable. Safe


I like Nowadays but not much of the vein of stuff you’re looking for cept maybe hard techno.

Elsewhere sucks imo. Broey and vacant. But that’s just been my experience twice.

Good room can be fun on the right night, as for harder noise and techno it will probably reside there at least once a month…

I’d imagine what your looking for is more warehouses than venues so reach out to a promoter through their FB or Insta and ask them what’s cracking…

Heard good things about Shelter but that’s more soulful house.

Good luck, if you find good things let us know!


Thought this may be the case but wanted to ask. I have a contact over there who puts a lot of raves on but theres nothin on when im there. Oh well sure I will find something. Thanks mate


gotta second this, i thought elsewhere was the most bizarre experience

like a kind of spotless rendition of a stereotypically ‘european’ club, pretty uncanny valley