Nkisi // 7 Directions (UIQ)


release date: 2019/01/18
catalog #: UIQLP002
genre: gqomish ambient techno


  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII


yeah not too sure about this one, will have to give it another spin


gosh i really love this a lot. u could cynically see this as goin from the normal decon club stuff to something closer to traditional white guy techno, but i dont rlly see that happening here, i see nkisi pulling white guy techno to her world.

it really just makes me think of this being the evolution from our old pal rdj during his early ambient years but also a lot of the more spacy plastikman works? “consumed” and “artifaks (bc)” being the obv comparisons but im thinkin of this in particular, which originally was the b-side to “hypokondriak”:

hearing even a white dude from canada try to make techno out of sparse but frantic traditional african percussion and rhythm blew my mind when i was 14 (when i was coming out of the american edm boom no less) so to see an actual black diasporan now doing it with more cultural knowledge and ambiance rlly warms my heart and excites my feet :dancer::revolving_hearts:


, and heres why thats a good thing!


thanks for being my editor :stuck_out_tongue: