New York Vacay Vibes


Hey yall,

I’m in New York for the next two weekends into Oct 16th, curious if you all have good recommendations for music spaces, record stores, food, drinks, spots to see under the radar residents. Staying in Manhattan now, Brooklyn beginning Sunday (10/7) night.

Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far

10/5 Dub Phizix & Strategy @ Ceremony
10/6 Physical Therapy & Call Super @ Nowadays
10/11 Quantic @ Good Room
10/13 Lobster Theramin Showcase @ Elsewhere
10/14 Mister Sunday @ Nowadays

PM me if we’ve had an exchange here and you’d like to grab a drink irl



don’t forget to fill your brain with art. almost guarantee you’ll have some sort of life affirming epiphany at any one of the major galleries in Chelsea (Zwirner, Gagosian, Bonakdar, et al.). if you’re really adventurous, check out Jess Willa Wheaton and Natasha Marie Llorens present their beautiful collaborative art book at Printed Matter on Saturday 10/6 from 5:30-7p.


this may seem like a dumb question but can you really just walk into places like the Gagosian or do you have to pay a fee? never understood the protocol at big elite galleries like that


Gagosian you can just walk in :slight_smile:


Rad thanks, went to NY MoMA Friday and enjoyed it


Gagosian had an exhibit on autonomous office chairs that seemed to follow you around the room, apparently they were choreographed, sounds a bit lame here probably but because there happened to be a class of 30 8 year olds in the gallery at the time I had a blast exploring the concept through their eyes. None of the adults thought to say hi to the chairs or ask them their names…but the kids told me their names and what they were feeling like that day.

The Met is fucking epic. Took me two days. Met Brauer was amazing too. Next time I’ll get up to the Cloisters and see their collection of tapestries depicting unicorns being slain. sounds metal. Heard great things from other folks about Printer Matter too, but didnt make it this trip…

thanks yall


this makes me think a good metric for determining the success of contemporary art installations is whether or not children find it entertaining and fun


disagree. this is precisely the reason why LACMA is insufferable. too many kids and selfie-ready installations.