New Tracks Thread




ok damn! Gerry Read on Pampa? legendary. this track is gorgeous.


sounds like something you’d find in a gaspar noé flick



The beat / sample on that madgibbs is fuckin incredible, really excited for the whole album!


yea man, not surprised to find you about it, cheers! yea the sample the beat, the bars, the video, fire butter! man will they drop that album at some point? they playing too much with tease, I mean Bandana track poped for 2 mounth already


It’s out June 28th, I’m guessing they had to clear lots of samples :grin:


lol I don’t know what that means but imma start saying it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



sweat and burning like fire over butter


they sure had! Apparently the job is done, a test press is made


Super hyped about the new Becoming Real

Was really into this guy’s stuff in 2010-2012 and then missed what he did in the following years but this new album has me curious.


just made a mini mix called Fire Butter


pessimism, melancholy and perpetual confusion can be beautiful


dope! this is very buttery and warm :slight_smile:


but when does the album drop cmon witcha cmon


next release (no promises)



Fresh bleeped-out electro -ish from man like K-Lone. Sounds like 2011-2013 era Swamp 81 vibes - dubstep vibes and low-end, but not in the formula of dubstep. Sick stufffffff