New Gen Grime Outside of London

#1 LVLZ radio top boy Med Fez. Guess the general jist of this thread would be share your mcees and producers that reside outside of the capital!


I would post Mez but I think he’s pretty much broken out of this box totally now, I don’t think Slick Don gets enough attention:


Offft fuckin smasher. Thanks for the share!


Yeah he’s great, seems to be associated with Walter Ego so gets a lot of beats from him. Here’s his bandcamp:


when the 808 cowbell follows the melody in the second verse :snowflake:


Yeah Walter Ego is a sick producer, he made the beat on this one too that always gets stuck in my head:

not the biggest fan of the female vocal though, the beat is on this EP:

getting a bit off track but really like this Walter Ego track too:


Belter ! More underground Producers and Mcees like this please aha


Just clocked you did actually say producers too in the opening post, Rapture 4D’s label up in Glasgow has some good releases:

love this track in particular


Polonis from the same crew! Loads of bangers

Also part of Evilset, with MJK and Hermz. Got a sick Tim and Barry up.

Alias as Rebore Kid. Someone to watch. Too sick.


Listen to MJK w/ Trim, Obese & Gemmy On 1020 Radio (24th January 2019) by MJK • #np on #SoundCloud


Silly fuckjng good


Listen to SHOTTAMAN by Chamber #np on #SoundCloud

Hold tight to whoever this is. Banger


Listen to DEEZ ENDZ GMIX 28/08/18 by KTAB #np on #SoundCloud man like Ktab. I guess I should have stipulated but just post what u want init


blinding :see_no_evil: big tune.