Need Help Ripping Vinyl


I’ve been wanting to rip some of my vinyl records to digital so I can listen to them whenever. Internet has many suggestions. Here is what I have:
Audio technica lp120 (non usb)
Xone 23 mixer
Focusrite audio interface
Zoom H2n recorder

At first, I was considering recording from the ‘record’ output from the mixer to the zoom mic input.

But now I’m wondering if it would be better to record from the mixer out, to the audio interface left/right. Should the input be set to line or instrument? How would I know that I’m recording it with proper volume/gain?

I also want to DJ my vinyl digitally so I hope that my setup would be good enough.

Appreciate the help <3


For simplicity go for Main out (Xlr on the mixer) to Focusrite audio interface.
44.1KHz, 24 bit gives lots of headroom, but might eat up some disk space.
(I record in 48KHz, but that is just a personal preference, 44.1KHz is plenty)

For listening while recording you should set up your monitors to output from the Focusrite.

Line input, and then aim at having your volume peak around -8, -10 dbfs
no clipping is the most important and not to low, but 24 bit gives you lots of headroom to work with.

Your out meter on the Xone 23 should give you a reading.
Nice and loud without clipping is the important bit.
(never used Xone 23 but guessing leds should be in the orange NOT the red)

Im guessing the focusrite software has some level indicator?
Or the program you are recording with should have some level indicator . . .

The state of your stylus and record has the most impact on the result.
If you have an old heavily played stylus, it might be worth getting a replacement.


Short video on Gain structure


Thanks a bunch!!! This helps a great deal. I do have new ortofon stylus. Not brand new, but not old either. Will give it a go and see <3


Shouldn’t I try to peak at 0 db if I wanted to have track be playable on CDJ with proper sound?


After recording you could use your software to push up against 0 db but at the recording stage the analog input will clip at 0 dbfs.
Recording too close to max level just adds extra work.
If you get a pop it can clip or if there is a loud bit at the end, you might need to re-record if you try to max out at 0 db while recording.
I would gain with your mixer when playing it with CDJs.
You could also normalize or limit the track before you use it with CDJs. If all your other tracks are pushed up against 0 db, it might be easiest to fix that in the audio software.
Your recording will not be as loud as a mastered file from a cd or a download.
With Gain/limiting/normalizing it should sound comparable with a downloaded track.


Thanks a bunch!!! This was super helpful…