Nathan Micay (fka Bwana) // Blue Spring (LuckyMe)


"The debut album from Toronto born, Berlin based DJ/producer Nathan Micay FKA Bwana

The impeccable craft found in the huge past anthems that fuelled his rise is still present, but Micay has upped his own ante; a prodigious and natural creator, this is his best work yet. Highly melodic with complex but spacious sound design, this inspired work is a technicolour ride across sub bass, celestial future breakbeat, drum-roll-fuelled dancefloor rollercoasters, soaring euphoria, otherworldly soundscapes, weightless sino and even a bit of ¾ time. Micay has found a sweet-spot between prog, trance, techno, hardcore, jungle, IDM and ambient, in a renewed twist on the magic mix that birthed Future Sound of London’s hybrid classic ‘Accelerator’.

To create the album artwork, Nathan wrote a script outline, which was adapted by Peter Marsden into a comic, in turn illustrated by Dominic Flannigan, in tribute to the highly-influential Manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo. The comic sees a young data miner rebel by attending a rave in the woods with her friends, only for the event to be broken up by the ranks of a futuristic police state. ‘Blue Spring’ is the start of the revolution."


  1. Romance Dawn For The Cyber World
  2. Join Me Or Die. Can You Do Any Less
  3. Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain
  4. He Has The Key
  5. Blue Spring
  6. 11.11.90 [Beat Version]
  7. Moon Scepter Elimination
  8. LeafCutAngelicDepths
  9. The Party We Could Have
  10. May All Your Bacon Burn
  11. Romance Dawn For The New World

Cool! The press release also mentions a comic which is super sick. Another example of a label providing some peak physical content outside of the usual 12" + CD. LuckyMe & Bwana are at it again.


nice! enjoyed the Whities single so I’m curious to see his approach to the album format.


Akira inspired artwork for this one, his remix album using Akira samples as Bwana was dope. looking forward


I’m really enjoying music artists who cross into other disciplines to create a backstory or concept for their works. Amnesia Scanner did this a bit with their website on their last album, other folks have done it with videos or visuals, but its even better for me when it comes into the physical. It also really allows the musician to stand out in a crowded release packed calendar.


Absolutely incredible album. My expectations were high and it’s exceeded them entirely. Just perfect. Want to write him a thank you letter. This collection of sounds captures so much of what I love about dance music.


all killer no filler


got actual chills a couple of times listening to this album today. having a hard time remembering the last time that happened…


this is lush espesh the second half


Just echoing what everyone else said. Absolutely brilliant record. I want to hear this on the dancefloor.


I’m lovin this to bits, and I already know this album will stay with me for years. Had really high expectations, and so glad it ended up even better :smiley:


Admittedly had a first listen today on a 4 hour plane ride back home. First listen of an amazing album + fading in and out of consciousness = incredible experience.


nice little treat