Mutek Montreal roll-call & recommendations


Mutek has unveiled its lineup for 2018, and it’s looking pretty stellar. Who’s coming, who’s going, and what’s unmissable at this year’s festival?


I’ll be around. we’re coming with a crew of about 10 from Pittsburgh.

Aleksi Perala, Lanark Artefax, Caterina Barbieri, Errorsmith on the bigger names.

I’m excited to see them showcasing some live coders as well: Algobabez, CNDSD & Ivan Abreu, and Ewa Justka are all worth seeing.

I was floored by Push 1 Stop’s collab with Woulg last year. I’m going to prioritize seeing her work again this year as well.


Part of the aforementioned Pittsburgh crew. Personally keep thinking about/anxiously waiting for Lanark Artefax, Ewa Justka, JASSS, and Sabrina Ratte’s Machine for Living. I’ve lusted over shots of the last one for months and can’t wait to see it in person.


Cool, glad to know you folks are coming up. Sabrina Ratte’s work is always worth a look, and the rest of these recommendations seem great as well, thanks! Hit me up if you need any help or tips when you’re in town!